Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AT&T Goes To Court For Privacy Protections

Conservatives like to attack the president for being anti-everything, but I would like to see their spin on this particular story:
The Supreme Court is getting involved in an unusual freedom of information dispute over whether corporations may assert personal privacy interests to prevent the government from releasing documents about them.

The court on Tuesday agreed to a request from the Obama administration to take up a case involving claims made by telecommunications giant AT&T to keep secret the information gathered by the Federal Communications Commission during an investigation.

The administration wants the high court to rule that corporations may not claim a personal privacy exception contained in the federal Freedom of Information Act.

The exception may be used only by individuals, the administration said in a brief signed by Elena Kagan, the newest justice who served in the Justice Department until last month.
Will the administration's insistance that companies are not people equate to being an "anti-business" stance?

I do not believe corporations should be included in the exemptions because corporations are not people - this is a topic that TomCat at Politics Plus writes about frequently and I suggest hopping over to his site to read some of those articles.

Giving corporations such protections are damaging to our nation and would probably do more to destroy our nation then anything else, because then corporations will be able to get away with practically anything...

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