Thursday, September 2, 2010

Supporters Of Charlie Crist At Orlando Meet And Greet

Here is a video from Charlie Crist's Campaign event in Orlando at the Plumbers and Pipefitters union hall.  I am about halfway through - not by best interview but not terrible:

Here is a summary of some of the issues of the campaign and where Crist stands:
  • Dedicated to the environment, Crist aims to restore the Everglades and conserve Florida's natural resources. Unlike the new conservatives who hate Republican president Teddy Roosevelt for being a "progressive," Crist mentions him on his campaign website.
  • Crist supports strengthening the education system, as opposed to other candidates who wish to eliminate the Department of Education, as well as all other government oversight - presumably so they can start teaching Christianity in the classroom.
  • As governor, Crist oversaw billions in state spending and the reduction in property taxes, saving taxpayers money.
  • Unlike other right-wing candidates, Crist has fought for senior citizens - seniors make up 17% of Florida's population. Crist has worked hard to make prescription drugs more affordable, created and protected programs ensuring the safety and care of Florida's seniors, and has vowed to preserve Social Security.
  • While he supports repeal of the health care reform bill (which I oppose), he differs from other conservative candidates in that before it ever comes to a vote, Crist wants a replacement ready to take it's place. He has also stated that not all of the health care is bad and would like to keep parts of the bill that are good (right-wing candidates believe the entire bill is bad).
  • As governor, Crist vetoed a controversial abortion bill that forced women to pay of an ultrasound and hear the doctor describe the fetus - victims of rape or incest would have to prove their victim status in order to become exempt from the law. Designed to try and shame women into choosing not to go with abortion, the bill was an attempt by state conservatives to impose their moral beliefs on the individual, placing government in between the doctor and the patient. I believe Crist had made the right decision in vetoing this bill.

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