Monday, September 13, 2010

Republicans Encouraged Candidates To Support Civil Uprising

I thought this was interesting - a story on The Huffington Post by Amanda Terkel regarding comments made by former GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian, who lost in the primary to Sharron Angle, about the 2nd Amendment during a September 8th interview on The Mike Wiley Radio Show.

"Now, I've been on the campaign trail, and I heard a lot of people say to me, you know, why do we have our Second Amendment rights, it's to, so the public can overthrow the government if they fail to respond to the government's will," said Tarkanian. "That may be all good and well, but I'm not going to take the position that we need a civil uprising to overthrow our government."

Terkel goes on to write about the pressures put on Tarkanian by the GOP.
What's perhaps more interesting is his admission that many people in the Republican Party were encouraging him to advocate a civil insurrection if Congress doesn't change hands. "I had people that were upset at me in the campaign that I wouldn't go as far to agree that there should be a civil uprising," he said, adding that there were "people in the Republican Party that, when I was campaigning, wanted me to go that far to say that."
This is very alarming because it shows the extent t which the GOP is willing to return to power.  The argument for a "civil uprising" is ridiculous and only shows that the party leadership had decided to adopt fringe philosophies as their own, and dangerous philosophies at that.

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  1. If the Republicans fail to get at the House in November, the consequences are almost as scary as the consequences for Republicans getting control of the House.


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