Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Quits Sunday Talk Programs. Could It Be Because She Once "Dabbled Into Witchcraft?"

News reports indicate that tea party and GOP candidate Christine O'Donnell has called off her appearence ona  couple programs today - CBS' "Face the Nation" and "Fox News Sunday" - claiming that she had to go to church and had a previous engagement at a picnic to attend.  More likely then not, O'Donnell is engaging in more of that right-wing non-engagement policy - avoid the press when things look like they may get hard and hope they go away.  O'Donnell is having a difficult time erasing her problems though - a clip recently surfaced with O'Donnell admitting that she once "dabbled into witchcraft?"

Not only does O'Donnell's own words sound silly, they also display her ignorance - witchcraft is not Satanism.  O'Donnell's past comments are also very condescending to non-Christians.  I'm sure she would view Hindus as an evil faith.

O'Donnell thought she fixed the problem surrounding the last statements she made by explaining she was just excited about her newfound faith claiming she has since matured, but if she has, how come she won't explain the positions she holds now?  Where are her explanations on masturbation or witchcraft now?

The reason why she won't talk and is avoiding the media is because she is no different then that girl we see in these videos a decade ago - she is an ignorant, intolerant right-wing "Christian" and had waited long enough for a major political party to begin to legitimize her fringe beliefs so that she may run for office and try and impose her beliefs on the rest of America.


  1. Why hasn't the media gone after Palin for her dappling in witchcraft, right in her church???

  2. Good point! I was just thinking about that whole thing about witchcraft and Palin's church, but the only difference is that Palin's church were witch haters, not practitioners, which makes her support of O'Donnell more interesting...


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