Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Peace Believes Administration "Has No Military Background," Despite Having Republican Defense Secretary.

I saw this little post written on Big Peace by Secure Freedom Radio that I thought was interesting (emphasis added):
Today on Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio, Frank talks with retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (USA) on Bob Woodward’s now famous book tease that crystallized the President’s views on fighting terrorism.  In classic Ralph Peters style, he explains, as know one else can, why the president wants out of Afghanistan as soon as possible and is only remaining as a campaign promise; that the administration has no military background and is disdainful of the military which is no way to fight a war; and that the president is playing politics with the lives of our servicemen and women in order to promote his domestic agenda.

I didn't realize the administration "has no military background."  I guess Bush administration hold over, Republican Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has been in office since 2006, doesn't count as a qualifier, and neither does the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  No wonder why we are failing in Iraq and Afghanistan - Bush had the same people!

The post above is just more proof that the right wing have no clue what they are talking about and are willing to propagandize anything...


  1. You simply can not believe the hypocrisy on this topic. You point out Cheney had 5 deferments and they respond with the fact he was Secretary of Defense. The word "chickenhawk" has no meaning to these people.

  2. I know! I guess Bush's service in the reserves trumps any Democratic official - that is why I wanted General Wesley Clark to attract more attention in the 2004 election. The debate and narrative would have been interesting, especially since the GOP loves knocking the patriotism and militarism of the left (it would be pretty hard to attack a General)...

  3. Here is another one. On Bigjournalism today they have an article discussing the racist past of the Democratic party. Never mind all of the southern racists who walked out of the 1948 convention. What is really, really, ironic is on the Biggovernment site, they had an article last week praising Agnew for recruiting the southern democrats. Please do not post my e-mail address.

  4. Thanks for the links! They will definitely come in handy next time I see an article attacking the racist democratic history. The hypocrisy is just amazing!

    What I find funny is that the people who visit and trust those sites don't get it - the comments left on the Big Government article you mention have nothing to do with the topic! There is zero reflection at all...

  5. You need to go back and read the comments. One said the racism in the south had died down in the 60's because the lynching had stopped. Seriously. But the real laugher is when I pointed the Alabama football team that played Nebraska in the 1972 Orange Bowl was lily white. So someone looked up the 1972 Alabama team and listed a bunch of black players. He did not realize that the Alabama team which played in the 1972 Orange Bowl was composed of players from the 1971 team because the game was played on New Years Day. This team was all white. After Johnny Rodgers and Rich Glover kicked their ass, the Bear had a meeting with his administration that they had better expect more of the same if he could not recruit blacks. So they let him and his first team that had blacks was the 1972 team.


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