Friday, September 3, 2010

Palin The Younger To Appear On Dancing With The Stars

Who's baby is that? 
Extra!  Extra!

ABC's Dancing with the Stars has announced it's newest cast of celebrities to demonstrate their fanciest footwork and it appears that the former half-term-governor's daughter-turned-teen-mom, Bristol Palin, has signed up to appear on the hit television show.  Bristol, known for nothing more then getting knocked up and then going around the country as the new face of an abstinence campaign, is truly following her mother's example, who is nationally known for shirking responsibility to gallivant around the nation pretending to be an expert - I wasn't aware that the 19-year-old wild-child of a corrupt sometimes-politician was an expert on reproduction.

It is not sure whether she is to serve as the warning for unsafe sex or the fact that she had her (second?) child out of wedlock), but one thing is certain and that is she is living up to her new job title given to her by Entertainment Weekly - "professional teen mom."

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