Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James O'Keefe Plot To Seduce CNN Journalist Foiled

Abbie Boudreau, an experienced investigative journalist for CNN, was recently involved in one of pretend-journalist James O'Keefe's silly little plans.  If you recall, O'Keefe was involved in creating highly edited videos to take down ACORN and was arrested for entering a federal building under false pretenses, but this newest incident involving O'Keefe is even stranger then the last - O'Keefe had decided to "punk" a CNN reporter by trying to lure her on a boat alone and secretly tape her while the two are surrounded by condoms, dildos, lube, pornography, and prescription drugs.

Boudreau wrote the following:
Recently, I was the target of a failed punk. James O'Keefe, the so-called "pimp" in the ACORN expose videos, was participating in a detailed plan to "faux" seduce me on his boat. For months, I had been working on a documentary about the young conservative movement. James had called me about concerns he had regarding an upcoming shoot. He asked me to meet him to talk about the shoot. I agreed to fly to Maryland and then drive to his "office" for a face-to-face conversation with him.

When I showed up, there was no office, as promised. Instead, he wanted to get me on a boat, which we later learned, was staged as a "pleasure palace." One of his colleagues, Izzy Santa, who was in Maryland that day, told me about the plan and stopped the punk before it happened.

Izzy told me he had "strawberries and champagne" waiting for me on the boat, and that he planned to "hit on me" the entire time. She said it would all be captured on hidden cameras that had been set up on the boat and in the back yard. She said the sole purpose of the "punk" was to embarrass me, and to make CNN look bad.

I would soon learn the details of the plan, in a 13-page document titled, "CNN Caper."
Do these sound like the actions of a "citizen journalist" or an immature amateur prankster trying to make a name for himself by humiliating and destroying others?

I want to point out a couple things from the 13-page plan O'Keefe devised.  One thing is that the itemization of the "equipment" included Viagra.  Where would O'Keefe obtain the prescription drug?

The second thing is that Maryland is an all party consent state, meaning that in order to videotape someone, all parties involved in the recording must give prior consent.  O'Keefe's little plan would have violated state law, but is that any surprise?

Also, would O'Keefe luring a reporter onto his boat and bombarding her with pornography and sex toys constitute a sexual crime?

One does have to question the foiling of the plan - while Santa was the person to reveal the plan, she is still on O'Keefe's payroll and O'Keefe is denying everything, claiming the prank was "not [his] work product."  Is O'Keefe pretending to have planned a sex prank only to humiliate CNN and those who report on the failed prank?

I only hope that Boudreau has not let her guard down in dealing with this little punk...


  1. Here is one for you. I am the proud father of two daughters. James "I am on federal probation" O'keefe's stupid attempt to get laid is simply way over the top. I have been on the Bigjournalism site giving them the grief they so readily deserve. I have never, ever used a four letter word, but I have been called every four letter word in the book on their site by their loyal lemmings. I have complained about this and it takes them hours, I mean hours to delete these posts. Everytime I try to post now, they delete my post. So much for freedom of speech. The more you get to know these idiots, the scarier they really are.

  2. I haven't posted on any of the Big sites in quite some time now. I usually only comment on the articles in which I am really interested in because I don't want to waste my time even commenting on something trivial (like their stupid little comics).

    I've been planning on going back to do another flame study real soon...

    I did go on the Big sites to see if there was any mention of O'Keefe's little plan, but as of last night I didn't see anything. Pathetic.


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