Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea Party Good At Swindling Americans...

Here is something I found on The Huffington Post by Sam Stein regarding the Christine O'Donnell win in Delaware:
The best spin coming from the Republican Party in the wake of Christine O'Donnell's primary victory in Delaware this past Tuesday has been that a GOP already fueled with conservative enthusiasm is now even more energized.

Appearing on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, RNC Communications Director Doug Heye relayed that the committee had received a $10,000 donation on Wednesday "because they were excited about Christine O'Donnell's win."

Reports emerged shortly thereafter that O'Donnell herself raised more than $1 million online on Wednesday, a staggering total that could go a long way in a state like Delaware.

How wary this makes Democrats is an open question and not just because the going bet is that no amount of money can make O'Donnell palatable to general election voters.
Chances are the majority of those donations are small contributions from ordinary Americans, who most likely belong to various regional and national tea party groups.  The tea party and all their teabag candidates are like early-morning television - one non-stop infomercial asking for you to pay money for shoddy products!

The article stated that O'Donnell's opponent, Chris Coons, also saw an increase in donations since O'Donnell's win, although not to the same extent, and the Democratic candidate's spokesperson indicated that the campaign hadn't made as large a fundraising push as O'Donnell, which sort of proves my point.  Conservatives have been working hard at making their image known in every household in America - consider the fact that I am sitting here in Florida writing about Delaware.  My problem with Democrats is that they have not made the same effort to increase their exposure, creating a very lopsided narrative.

How can the media be "liberal" if all they talk about are GOP-picked stories?

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