Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mike Huckabee: "Sick People Are Like Wrecked Cars And Burnt Houses!"

Simon Maloy wrote an interesting article on Media Matters for America that I thought was interesting - former presidential-hopeful-turned-right-wing-pundit Mike Huckabee had compared health insurance to auto and house insurance as a reason why companies should not be obligated to insure preexisting conditions. To Huckabee, a sick person is nothing more then a wrecked car or a burnt-down house.


  1. So the former Reverend and so-called Christian Mike Huckabee compares the God-given human body to a car or house or other man-made possession?
    Sounds a bit like blasphemy to me.
    Our bodies are not cars, or houses, Mr. Huckabee. According to YOUR Christian beliefs, YOUR God gave us these bodies. Do you think he is okay with just letting some of His people suffer with illness and no means to treat it? Is that WJWD???

  2. You are absolutely correct. I don't understand the position taken by these Christian conservatives. Everything they attack - "social justice," health care reform - seem to contradict the teachings of their lord and savior. They allow their politics to take control.

    Huckabee thinks allowing preconditions to be insured is a nice sounding thing but he believes it will hurt the companies. Sounds a bit like he is the corporatist, not Obama...


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