Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joe Miller And the Unemployed

Alaskan teabagger Joe Miller came out against unemployment benefits and the unemployed today on Fox news Sunday claiming that such benefits are unconstitutional. 

Amanda Terkel wrote the following:
In an interview today with "Fox News Sunday," Alaska GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller had trouble explaining how he would help the 43.6 million Americans in poverty, even as host Chris Wallace repeatedly pressed him for more than conservative talking points.

Wallace asked Miller about his assertion in August on CBS's "Face the Nation" that unemployment benefits are unconstitutional, noting that without them, many more Americans would be in poverty. "What would you do for them?" asked Wallace.

Miller, however, struggled to come up with an answer, and instead shifted to talking points about reducing the size of the federal government. Wallace repeatedly pressed him on the issue, without ever receiving an actual response.
This is typical - these candidates only learn the talking points and have no real solution.  The only reason why thse individuals won is because the mindless drones that make up the GOP base were excited to have one of their own on the ballot.  Had Miller given a real response, he may have lost some of his support because in reality he is in over his head - like that time that soon-to-be-half-term-governor ran for vice president.

Another interesting point from the interview came when Miller was asked if supporter Sarah Palin was qualified to become president - he refused to answer, claiming that he was concentrating on running for the Senate.  He could have easily ended the conversation by saying "yes" or "no," but instead he deflected and moved on.  It is my guess that Miller knows Palin is not qualified and chose not to say anything...

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