Monday, September 6, 2010

"You Lie" Joe Wilson Caught Lying

Remember when that crazy senator from South Carolina yelled "You lie" at the president during an address to Congress? Conservatives applauded Senator Joe Wilson for his lack of self control calling him a "hero," but something very interesting regarding Wilson had made headlines recently - Joe Wilson himself is under a congressional ethics investigation regarding his misuse of taxpayer money to but souvenirs overseas, costing taxpayers over $100,000.

McClatchy reports:
Since he joined Congress after a December 2001 special election, Wilson's overseas travel has cost taxpayers about $100,000 all told in itemized expenses, including roughly $38,000 in per diem money intended to cover only meals and lodging.
Wilson defended his travel, ignoring his misuse of funds and focusing on the purpose of the trips instead:
"I stand by the (dollar) numbers," Wilson said. "I want to visit with the troops. That's a very important function of my job as a member of the military preparedness subcommittee. In my duties, I ought to know the individual concerns of troops and their families. That requires me to be with the troops on the ground."
We have two words for Wilson: "You lie!"

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