Friday, September 3, 2010

Glenn Beck Admits Lying To Audience

From an article on The Huffington Post:
After being called on a white lie he told during his Restoring Honor rally, Glenn Beck admitted Thursday that he stretched the truth because he "thought it would be a little easier."
Doesn't that fall under the definition of propaganda?

This is very interesting.  Glenn Beck admitted to distorting reality because it would be much easier then telling the truth - the truth being that he never held Washington's handwritten first inaugural address.  How difficult is it to differentiate between "held" and "saw?"

Why is this important?

If Glenn Beck falsifies such trivial things as what he personally did or did not do, who is to say that he doesn't lie about other things (it has been proven that Beck lies constantly on his programs).

Unfortunately, this revelation will fall upon deaf ears because Beck's fans have already annointed him the new messiah - after all, God has given Beck the "Plan," although I doubt that being the case, unless God really gave Beck the plan and he just lacked the seering stones to translate it quickly enough for his little right-wing rally.

P.S. Thou shall not lie is a Commandment.  Looks like Beck proves that his religion is just a religion of convenience...

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  1. Please compare the importance of what people may tell an insignifigant white lie on and an outright lie to the people of a country when you are supposed to be leading a cuuntry to health & prosperity, not tearing it down for your own personal gains!!


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