Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Six Degrees of Jim Hoft - How The President Is Connected To Colombian Guerillas FARC and Islamic Extremism...

I recently saw a Jim Hoft article for Big Government that discussed FBI raids in Chicago and Minneapolis that I thought was interesting - not because of what he was talking about but because of the connections he tries to make.

"Last Friday FBI agents raided the homes of far left activists in Chicago and Minneapolis who are linked to the FARC and Islamic radicals as part of a terrorism investigation," writes Hoft, referencing his own Gateway Pundit as proof that what he writes about is real.

While Hoft goes on about leftist terrorism and radical Islam, he tries to make some associations linking the Obama administration to the Colombian revolutionary guerrilla group.
Hatem Abudayyeh is the executive director of the Arab American Action Network (AAAN). Hatem Abudayyeh has been with the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) since 1999, and was appointed Executive Director in 2003. The Arab American Action Network was founded by former PLO operative and close Obama family friend Rashid Khalidi. Obama was a director of the Woods Fund from 1994 through 2001, when the board approved a $40,000 grant to the Arab American Action Network.

In 2003 Barack Obama was an honored guest at a dinner sponsored by the AAAN for former PLO-operative Rashid Khalidi. During the dinner a video was taken that shows Barack Obama celebrating with members of this Palestinian group who are openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama even gave a toast to a Rashid Khalidi at this going away party. The LA Times will not release the video from this Jew-bashing dinner.
Based on all this Hoft comes to the conclusion that Hatem Abudayyeh "is Barack Obama’s friend."

Did you follow that?  Because Obama served as a director for the Woods Fund from 1994 through 2001, which granted money to the AAAN, and Obama was an honored guest of the AAAN in 2003, and Abudayyeh served as an executive director for AAAN since 1999, Obama and Abudayyeh must be friends.

Isn't it interesting that Hoft doesn't really mention the FARC portion of the investigation?  He more or less ignores FARC (except for a little paragraph at the end of his article) but focuses on the AAAN connections because he knows there is nothing to link the president to these people but he can definitely blow out of proportion some weak associations from some short-lived stint on some non-profit's board - it was harder for Hoft to make the FARC case especially when just a couple days ago Obama praised the killing of one of FARC's top guys, Jorce Briceño (a.k.a. Mono Jojoy).

"Yesterday was a big day for the people of Colombia and those who are seeking peace in the region," President Obama said, "because of outstanding work by Colombian security forces they were able to embark on a mission that resulted in a death of the leader of FARC."

What was Hoft's mention of FARC anyway?

"It should be noted… FARC terror leader Mono Jojoy was killed in an attack on September 22," wrote Hoft. "Several computers were seized by authorities after the Colombian jungle attack. The FBI raided the homes of the FARC terror sympathizers two days after Mojoy was killed."

Notice how there is zero facts and a lot of insinuation in that last part by Hoft?

Because the FBI raid in Chicago and Minneapolis occurred a couple days after the death of Briceño, the two events must be related.

Hoft is the biggest slap in the face to journalism - his Big Government post amounts to nothing more then loose associations and numerous insinuations. He is one of the rights worst propagandists, and sadly the folks at Big Government eat this crap up.

Looking through the comment section, you can see the mindless sheep buying into Hoft's delusions.

"These raids happened just two days the Colombian attack?" Johnk144 questioned. "If that's why these raids happened, the evidence on those computers must have been extremely threatening, otherwise the FBI would have settled for surveillance."

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