Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Booed On 'Dancing With The Stars'

The headline says it all.  Here is the video:

The reason for the booing is because while Jennifer Grey and her dance partner were being interviewed backstage, the crew on stage began to prepare an interview between Tom Bergeron and Sarah Palin.  You can see Palin and her daughter looking off to the side when the camera switches to them and the interview begins.

The following link was posted on Palingates by aview999, which references a comment from Entertainment Weekly:
Sorry but the booing WAS for Palin, they inserted an applause track AFTER the fact. I know one of the techs who works for the studio and he said it was ORDERED. He said they were prepared for this ahead for just this sort of issue. All you Palin supporters do not the real Palin, nor will you ever if she has anything to say or do about it. She is dangerous and IF by some weird fluke of fate, gets elected to the presidency, you better have back up plans to move to either Mexico or Canada, perhaps living in the Dark Ages appeals to you?
There was also this from the blog Sarah Palin is a Phony, created in response to the individual's attendance to the DWTS taping:
Having been an audience member on DWTS when Sarah Palin was there, people have been asking me if the audience was actually booing at Sarah. The answer is absolutely yes. It pretty much stopped though when the production assistants were encouraging the audience to cheer. But there's no doubt we were booing at her once it became clear that she was about to be interviewed by Tom Bergeron. While you can hear it before they pan the camera to Sarah Palin, they didn't capture her on television during the booing. Suffice to say, she was looking back at everyone in the audience rather incredulously (just up to the point where the camera focus goes to her and you see her shaking her head in disgust).

First of all, keep in mind, this is a Hollywood television production. I've never been to such an event before. It's not quite like what's seen on TV at all. Actually, much of the time you can't even hear what the hosts are even saying, since the mic is often tapped purely into the television feed and not the room speakers. It's most certainly a made-for-television show. The audience is actually a lot smaller than it seems on TV too, and a good 80% of them were booing, loud and clear.

I don't usually keep a blog, but I want to get the truth out there. There are some articles out there where a producer from ABC is reporting to have said that the booing was because the audience was disappointed about Jennifer Grey's score. Total TV production BS. Going to this kind of event was quite an experience, but in a way, it's actually increased my cynicism about Hollywood.
This is what happens when Palin is presented to a crowd other then the tea party or Fox News, but this is to be expected from someone with an approval rating that is below 30 percent.  This is why Palin chooses to avoid the cameras and hand-pick her audience, the coverage, and the questions asked...


  1. Wow Kevin! Appreciate the credit! Posted to Gates.

  2. I was watching the show and you can tell that ABC did its best to get people watching by awkwardly inserting Palin into the screen shot whenever possible.

    Plus Palin is using her daughter to again get face time, as she herself points out that Bristol is dancing "in front of 20 million people". She knows this is a good opportunity to keep her name/face out there. Just continuing to be visible is what she hopes will be enough for the GOP to back her.

    And for those who really do believe Bristol is there on her own as a "Teen Activist" (no really that's what she is referring herself as) look at the facts.

    On only the 2nd week Bristol takes a trip home....not to see her child which would make sense since she is an "Activist" for single teen mothers...but for Sarah Palin to hog the screen and mug for the camera. Not one child was present in this video. Kind of odd for a mother, who is separated from her child (shooting in LA) not to even talk about missing little Trip and Trig. All in all, not a very good "activist" and this whole shenanigan is a ploy for Palin to get air time.

    This week was chosen because Bristol is not expected to last very long (shes not as hated as Kate Gosselin was last season but she is not a fan favorite) and Celebrity Entertainer Palin couldn't afford to miss out on this opportunity because her daughter was voted out early.

  3. Anon (I assume aview999) - I heard about the booing this morning and checked in on Palingates. I wasn't going to write about it because I don't watch the show regularly and didn't see the clip but when I returned to Palingates a little bit later, I saw plenty more comments about the event and finally watched the clip - it was obvious what they were booing about. The links found on Palingates further proved Palin was the cause.

    I've heard the official reason given by ABC was the scoring of the judges, but they knew perfectly well what they were doing, after all, a little bit of controversy means a bunch more ratings. This is probably why the two songs Bristol danced to were "mother-themed."

    Craig - you make an excellent point about Bristol and the absence of her children.


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