Friday, September 24, 2010

Texas Sues Over Federal Money. Where is Rick Perry And His 10th Amendment Task Force Now?

An article by April Castro from The Huffington Post caught my eye this morning - it discussed Texas' anger over the loss of federal funding resulting in the rejection of the state's application for more than $830 million in aid for the state's education system.
A state-specific provision inserted into a federal law by a Democratic Texas congressman requires that Republican Gov. Rick Perry promise Texas will maintain certain education spending levels through 2013 in order to get the funds. Perry has called the requirement unconstitutional because the Texas Constitution prohibits him from committing future state spending.

Texas applied for the money anyway, but was rejected because its application included a caveat saying the state would not violate its own constitution. Federal officials urged the state to reapply without the caveat.
I think this is interesting - Texas is suing the federal government over the disbursement of federal money!

Wasn't Rick Perry very outspoken about the stimulus spending and the meddling of the federal government?

Wasn't Rick Perry very vocal about the 10th Amendment?

If that's the case, Perry and his crew in Texas should be happy that they didn't receive money from the federal government, so they can be free to do whatever they want to do...

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