Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Favorite Christine O'Donnell Wins In Delaware


The results are in - tea party candidate Christine O'Donnell won the GOP primary in Delaware over the candidate deemed most likely to win in November - Mike Castle.  Castle, a moderate Republican polled better then his Democratic counterpart, but now that he is out of the picture the scene looks much different - O'Donnell trails Democratic candidate Chris Coons.  It appeared the tide had turned when national tea party groups decided to fill campaign coffers and Sarah Palin, the former half-term governor of Alaska, backed O'Donnell.

The Midnight Review predicts a win for Coons.  While O'Donnell may grab some of those straight ticket voters, the moderates are going to be left out in the rain with the tea party candidate - most tea partiers assume they will get every non-Democratic vote but they love to vilify moderate Republicans as being nothing more then conservative Democrats.  Just look at Sharron Angle's dwindling support in Nevada or Charlie Crist's success in Florida in capturing the moderate votes as proof that the tea party does not have the support of everyone right of center.

Check out the newest article on Palingates regarding Christine O'Donnell, which also includes some fun videos from O'Donnell's past including her 1990's MTV anti-masturbation campaign...  


  1. Apparently in recent polls only 31% of the voters in Delaware feel that O'Donell is "fit" to hold office. Funny considering that Castle was expected to win over Coons, which goes to show that the Tea Baggers are actually helping the Democrats out and are on course to fracture the GOP.

    Maybe the GOP will wake up and realize that sponsoring this small (but vocal) right wing fringe as one of its own was a stupid, stupid thing to do, ignoring the voice of true Republicans.

    Primaries are easy to game when you have voter apathy and fanatical splinter groups willing to lie/cheat their way to nomination.

  2. Remember - only a minority of Americans share the tea party's beliefs. The GOP caved into the pressures from the base.


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