Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Does Sarah Palin Have Her Legal Defense Fund If The RNC Is Still Paying Her Lawyers?

Here is something interesting - a report for Reid Wilson for Hotline On Call indicates that the Republican National Committee is still paying the legal fees surrounding ethics complaints from Sarah Palin's failed bid for vice president in 2008.
The RNC has sent more than $129K to an Anchorage law firm to cover legal bills incurred during former Gov. Sarah Palin's (R-AK) run for vice president, a senior party official tells Hotline On Call.

The party cut the check on Sept. 1 to Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen & Thorsness LLC, an Anchorage law firm that defended Palin from myriad ethics charges following her campaign. Political opponents in Alaska filed complaints against Palin surrounding her travel during and after the campaign.
This brings up an interesting point - why does Sarah Palin have a legal defense fund set up when she can now afford her legal fees and others are already paying for her lawyers' time?

Let's do the math.

Palin had claimed that her legal bill was close to $500,000.

Minus the RNC's $129,000, that leaves Palin with a bill of $371,000.

According to reports, Palin earned $12 million last year.

I don't know about you but it seems that Palin has more then enough to pay for her own legal fees by now, so why does she continue to try to swindle her fans claiming.

Here is what her defense fund states about it's purpose:
The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund was formed to help Governor Palin defend herself and her family from the relentless, frivolous lawsuits filed against her by left-wing extremists. This trust is established to help defray the costs of the massive legal fees incurred through these continued political attacks.

As Sarah Palin continues to be a voice for commonsense conservative principles we anticipate that legal challenges will continue to mount against her.

There is a reason why these extremists want to stop Sarah Palin. They know she is making a difference in her work to return America to the Constitutional principles that made it the great and exceptional nation it remains.

But she cannot do this alone. She needs your help. Please contribute to her legal defense fund, so that she can continue her work.
Considering that the fund has only had 404 donations, and Palin still has a job flying around the nation giving the same speech, I would think it is safe to say Palin is not affected by those mounting legal challenges, which is another interesting claim - has Palin experienced any new legal challenges?


  1. Kevin,
    Why is her SarahPac paying VanFlea $10,000 monthly? This doesn't make any sense at all. RNC says they are broke. If I am not mistaken they hid $7 million in debt from the FEC in the latest filing. So why pay her legal fees from 2008 in 2010?

  2. Not sure... there is plenty about it that doesn't sound right. Both the RNC and Palin's associated businesses/funds/etc. need a good audit...

  3. "and Palin still has a job flying around the nation giving the same speech"

    But let me be clear. As I've always said, every one of Obama's speeches is a unique, never-before-tried masterpiece.


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