Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joe Miller's Tea Party Hypocrisy

Everytime I turn on the television and see a tea party activist, they are always campaigning against some sort of supposed government wrong, whether it is increased federal handouts or involvement in state affairs, but I find it very interesting when you look into the lives of those people advocating against such things.  Joe Miller, the GOP tea party senate candidate in Alaska is one such person who has attacked things like unemployment benefits and government subsidies - two things that it has been found out Miller and his family had received in the past.

Blogger Andrew Halcro first broke the story on October 4th of how Joe Miller's wife collected benefits that the candidate once deemed "unconstitutional" - he now views them as "okay," but only as long as they are administered by the states.

Halcro wrote the following, adding some additional hypocritical notes ontop of his unemployment scandal:
According to sources, a few years back, a judicial magistrate hired his wife in violaton of nepotism rules. He had to fire his wife, who then went on to claim unemployment benefits.

A few years later the judicial magistrate, now a U.S. Senate candidate stated on national television that unemployment benefits were unconstitutional.

And that story hasn't even come out in public yet.

Such goes the rumored life of one Joe Miller. If he's not blaming mis-tweets on his staff, he's having to answer questions about why he applied for a low income benefit when he wasn't low income, or now being identified as the lawyer who tried to stop the troopergate investigation.
Jill Burke reported on Joe Miller's hypocrisy for the Alaska Dispatch, adding that on top of his wife's collection of unemployment benefits, Miller may have violated court nepotism rules - an interesting twist considering Miller's criticisms of write-in opponent Lisa Murkowski, who was given her senate seat by her father who had vacated the position to become Alaska's governor.

Halcro makes another interesting observation - fans of Miller are unwilling to accept the fact that their hero is a hypocrite (much like the folks at Big Government failing to see the light).
This is a guy who has clearly lost his groove. Hypocrytical past catching up with him. Can't manage his own campaign staff. And has to rely on outsiders to help him out.

But the biggest thing is that every poll done in the last week shows that Lisa Murkowski could become the first woman in American history to win a write in campaign for United States Senate.

While he blames these stories on "distortions' by the media, and his supporters call the news coverage as the "lamestream" media, these are all Joe's own doings. Nobody is making anything up, it's all documented.
Halcro, unlike the characters on the right, is more of a citizen journalist then the likes of James O'Keefe - he does not have a background in journalism yet he has uncovered a very interesting detail about the candidacy of Joe Miller, and he was able to do so without any heavily edited videos or arrests in a senator's office.  He did it with simple reporting of the facts...

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