Friday, October 8, 2010

Proof The GOP Has A Policy of Obstruction

I saw this article by Sam Stein on The Huffington Post and thought it was interesting because it illustrates the GOP plot to obstruct the government perfectly:
In a fascinating interview with the National Review, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller said that in a private conversation with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader expressed openness to the idea of a government shutdown.

"There was a comment made at breakfast this morning about shutting down the government, and he reacted in a positive way," Miller told the Review's Robert Costa. "I'm not going to quote him, but I think that he recognizes that that's on the table."

A spokesman for McConnell's office said he could not attest to the anecdote's veracity as he was not in the private meeting.

"I don't know what reacting in a positive way means or what the comment was," said the spokesman. "So it's tough for me to hypothesize on it."
Obviously the spokesman knows that his boss (and the GOP) is for a government shutdown, otherwise he would have denied Joe Miller's statements - it is the spokesman's job to speak for the candidate to the public.

The GOP will not rest until they regain power, and if it means shutting down the government, hurting the nation, and making the current administration look bad, you will be sure to see a Republican sign off on it...

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