Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pamela Gellar, Big Government Believe American Territories To Be Foreign...

Updated October 15th, 2010.

I was perusing Big Government again when I noticed an article by serial mis-informer Pamela Gellar when I noticed something - in an article defending the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Gellar makes the typical attack against President Obama's 2008 campaign contributions.  What caught my eye was her list of foreign locations - she included an image with Iran highlighted but I was more interested in some of her other honorable mentions.
The Obama campaign website even featured a drop-down box enabling donors to specify from what country they were donating. All the donor had to do was check a box certifying that he was legally eligible to make a donation. There was no safeguard in place to make sure that foreign nationals did not donate from these countries, in flagrant defiance of the federal law forbidding candidates from receiving foreign donations.

Obama’s campaign received donations from the world over: the Virgin Islands... St. Croix...
I added emphasis to two of the listed locations - the Virgin Islands and St. Croix - for one major reason - St. Croix is a county and constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands and an unincorporated territory of the United States - residents of the Caribbean Island are American citizens.  I wonder what Gellar's opinion is of Hawaii...

I left a comment on Big Government pointing out the citizenship status of St. Croix to see what kind of response I may get...

Update - So far I had received one response ignoring Gellar's inclusion of American territories and focusing on the other foreign nations:

In regards to the other donors who came from outside of the U.S., Gellar and the folks at Big Government never consider the possibility that the money came from citizens abroad, and they definitely ignore the fact that the campaign has worked hard in returning the illegal campaign cash.  Last year, Kenneth P. Vogel wrote an interesting article for Politico that discussed the Obama campaigns attempt to refund illegal or tainted donations.  The above response also fails to understand my point - Gellar's inclusion of these American territories damage the credibility of her claims, after all, if she can't even get the details of what a foreign nation really is, how can I or anyone else believe her on any other point she makes?

Gellar rails on the Obama campaign for accepting foreign cash, using two-year-old stories and ignores any follow-up stories, such as the Vogel piece last year, and on top of all that, the articles Gellar does reference make strange accusations, like calling some foreign donations "jihad cash." 

The right-wing have been echoing this story for over two years and ignore any developments because it does not fit their narrative.


  1. This issue is so bogus. The website asked for the donor's address which will enable the campaign to exclude the foreign contributions. If the campaign did not ask for this information, then she might have a point. There was another article on this site about this topic and in this article the author was claiming Obama should be impeached. This country had better wake up and smell the roses or we are going to be in real surprise in November.

  2. The funny thing is that I think Gellar plagiarized most of her article from another right-wing article - the text looks almost identical. As for the argument, it is completely one sided and does not tell the entire story. I'll be honest - I don't know everything about this story but I know enough to know that Gelalr is a liar. Just her usage of the phrase "jihad cash" shows her lunacy - I assume it is meant to imply Obama is linked to Islamic terrorism...

    I thought it was interesting that it has been almost 24 hours and I have only gotten one response to my comment - typically I have plenty. I assume that when presented with the facts the crazies either go on attack mode or go silent. I recall when I made a mistake about what exactly the Treaty of Tripoli ended - my message was lost to those fools because they found an error and tried to exploit my mistake (that I willingly admitted to) to discredit my entire point - the hypocrisy here is when I point out an indisputable error in one of their works, they simply ignore the error...

  3. Kevin, you won't find any articles supporting the Chambers actions that are not bogus. We have an organization attacking Democrats over job losses secretly funded by the corporations that outsource jobs and the countries that get the outsourced American jobs. What else is there to say?

  4. My most recent post discusses Florida's GOP gubernatorial candidate who set up a 527 to circumvent campaign finance laws and to rake in unlimited donations. Health care organizations and business groups (like a local Chamber of Commerce) have contributed hundreds of thousands to his 527. He is avoiding campaign regulations with his organization - last time I checked Alex Sink was ahead, but it has been neck and neck. Scott's organization is sure to dump its cash near the end on some last minute attacks...

  5. You really need to go to Biggovernment for a laugh. I have pointed out the easiest way to resolve whether the Chamber is using foreign funds is to have their books independently audited. The only response the lemmings have is to claim the list will become public. This is b.s. When a corporation is independently audited, is their customer list made public. Of course not.


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