Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tea Party Thug Candidate Threatens Reporter, Wishes To Infringe On 1st Amendment Rights

In the following news-breaking clip, you can witness New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino threaten conservative New York Post reporter Fred Dicker telling the reporter that he will "take him out" and then claiming Dicker was nothing more then a plant for Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo.  The altercation all started when Dicker asked Paladino to substantiate claims he had made about Cuomo's fidelity to his wife.

Frank James made an interesting point on NPR:
Paladino is supported by the Tea Party movement, which has placed adherence to the first principles of the Constitution at the top of its agenda.

And the Framers couldn't have been clearer; government was not to interfere with press freedom. That would include decisions like who does and doesn't cover a political campaign for government office.

So some reporters may want to ask Paladino, who wants to be governor of a state that operates under the U.S. Constitution and who is also a lawyer, how his demand that Dicker be removed from covering his campaign squares with the spirit of Constitution?

True, he's not governor yet. But there's no indication he wouldn't make a similar demand as New York's chief executive.
Paladino seems to think his threats are legitimate because he has children, yet has no problem making accusations against others who have children, and whose children may suffer as a result of such claims - Cuomo had stated that now his three daughters, who are in school, now have to deal with this specter of infidelity Paladino had cast upon his personal life and subsequently the lives of his family.

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