Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sesame Street Promotes Islam, Teaches Shariah Law...

Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism posted an interesting story by Christine Brim, calling for NPR, PBS, and the CPB to be stripped of all government funding. Brim asked the following: "Is it U.S. policy to fund organizations like CPB and PBS, that then send employees to train Muslim-Brotherhood, Hamas-associated groups like CAIR to improve their 'leadership' abilities to impose shariah defamation laws in America?"

I have decided to take a serious look into Brim's claims and found that she is correct - Islam is being glorified by PBS and is part of the administration's attempt to Islamicize America, most likely to bring it closer to Kenyan-born Obama's Muslim philosophies.

Just take a look at the PBS' childrens program Sesame Street - it is overflowing with secret Muslim teachings.

First, look at Big Bird:

He's tall and has a funny apperance.  Doesn't he resemble someone?

And then there is this picture I found on the internet:

Even look at the name - Sesame Street.  I recall a certain mention to sesame from the collection of Middle Eastern stories "One Thousand and One Nights" - it's even called "Open Sesame" in other countries!

And then there is this link to the President:

Michelle's meal looks pretty halal to me...

PBS' secret plan to popularize Shariah Law and assault American culture is nothing new either - check out this magazine cover from 1976:

Notice the blatant Muslim crescent on the top left of the magazine cover?

Do I need to say anymore?

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  1. The only problem here that I can see is that Sesame Street seems to be more exclusive than inclusive.I think Sesame Street should also include some groups I have noticed are excluded, such as Native-Americans, Catholics, Mormons, southern USAmericans etc. I think Sesame Street would be better served to the public by showcasing behaviors that are most desirable for our children to emulate, such as: include not exclude; tolerance, education not illiteracy, in all areas not only academic; conflict resolution, which includes agreeing to disagree; and, there are many others! I must say that inspite of all tge complaints about Sesame Street, the show is a wonderful arena for USAmerican ideals! Im 64 yrs old and yet I can say that Ive watched the show since I was 16 yrs old, I lived in Arizona but my parents subscribed to cabel tv out of Orange County California! Ive watched it, my children watched it and my grandchildren watch it! Lets keep it a great show by adding more diversity! Goodluck!


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