Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Christine O'Donnell Gaffes


There were two headlines involving the Delaware dimwit Christine O'Donnell today - one involving her most recent inability to answer a debate question and the other involving her advertisement responding to Bill Maher's video from his Politically Incorrect show several years ago.

Elyse Siegel writes the following about O'Donnell's newest screw up in her debate against Democrat Chris Coons:
Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell found herself stumped on Wednesday night when she was asked to name a Democratic senator she would feel comfortable working with if elected to the chamber in November.

The latest verbal gaffe from the tea party-backed contender came when she squared off in a debate against Democratic opponent Chris Coons. Via ThinkProgress, a transcript of the exchange between O'Donnell and the forum's moderator:
MODERATOR: Give me a name, Christine, of someone in the U.S. Senate, across the aisle that you're comfortable working with.
O'DONNELL: [Pause] Well, she's not a senator any more, but I would definitely have to say Hillary Clinton. [...]
COONS: One of the real risks as we go forward, is that if we elect someone who literally cannot name a single currently serving senator in my party with whom she would work -
O'DONNELL: Senator Lieberman!
COONS: Someone who has no experience crossing the biparistan divide.
Sorry O'Donnell - Lieberman left the Democratic Party four years ago.

What is interesting is that O'Donnell cannot name a single senator from the majority party.  There are close to 60 to choose from but she couldn't name a single one (much like court cases she disagrees with).  To make things easier, both Senators from Delaware are Democrats and since she is running to replace one of them, she could have easily named the other - Sen. Thomas R. Carper - but she didn't.  This is important because here you have a candidate attacking the policies of the Democrats, yet it appears she really has no understanding just what those are, other then "Obamacare."  O'Donnell represents the ignorance of the tea party movement.

The other O'Donnell headline involved her admitting that she regrets not only her "witch" comments from Bill Maher's television program, but her advertisement she aired a couple weeks ago in which she declared that she was "not a witch."

All I have to write about that is that it seems O'Donnell keeps racking up regrets.  When will she admit that she is not fit to hold the office of senator?

Update - Two things - Roy Sekoff had appeared on MSNBC's Ed Schultz's program and Huffington Post Senior Political Editor Howard Fineman visited "Countdown," both discussing O'Donnell and the tea party's ignorance of the issues.
O'Donnell "has been a comedy goldmine," said Sekoff. "But there really is a much more serious narrative at play here. With candidates like O'Donnell and Sarah Palin and Carl Paladino, voters are actually embracing ignorance as a virtue. They're going, 'Wait a minute! She can't name a Democratic senator and she can't name a recent Supreme Court ruling? Well, neither can I!"

HuffPost Senior Political Editor Howard Fineman visited "Countdown" on Thursday to talk about the Constitution, Christine O'Donnell and how she reflects on the tea party voters who made her the GOP Senate nominee in Delaware. Cenk Uygur filled in as the host of the show for Keith Olbermann.

"What's really killing here -- what's damning here -- is that the tea party is run in the name of rights and freedom," said Fineman. "And all of those rights and freedoms are enshrined in the very amendments that she seems totally ignorant of. So that's really the crushing contrast here."

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