Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Money Well Spent On Sarah Palin? I Think Not.

I had became aware of this article on Politususa the other day and found it interesting.  Written by Jason Easley on October 8th, it discusses Sarah Palin's involvement in the Karen Handel campaign in Georgia.
Remember when “common sense conservative” Sarah Palin went to Georgia to campaign for Karen Handel in her runoff with Nathan Deal? You better believe the Handel campaign does because they are still literally paying for Palin’s visit. Palin’s demand of a $92,000 private jet and a $13,000 hotel room left the campaign $83,000 in debt.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Handel’s campaign paid an Ohio jet charter service nearly $92,000 and her latest campaign finance report shows it was for the Palin event. Handel also paid an additional $13,000 in expenses to the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead for the event. Handel’s quarterly report shows her campaign committee to be $28,000 in debt, with another $55,000 in outstanding expenses.”

Here is the important thing. Handel lost. Sarah Palin bilked the Handel campaign out of over $100,000 and left them defeated and in debt. In a race that Handel lost by only 2,579 votes, do you think the campaign is second guessing their decision to spend six figures on a jet and hotel rooms for Sarah Palin? That money could have been used to aid the get out the vote effort on Election Day instead of meeting Sarah Palin’s need to be treated like an A-lister?

The big question is why didn’t SarahPAC pay for this? Why did Palin force the Handel campaign to foot the bill? She was campaigning for a Republican candidate, which is exactly the kind of expense that a PAC can legally pay for. The answer is that Palin didn’t want to pay the bill because then she could not get the first class treatment that she feels entitled to. She did not want private jet and expensive hotel to be on SarahPAC’s disclosure report, so like any good crook, she ENRONed it up, and moved her elitist tastes off her books.
Easley covered all the important questions.  Was it worth the Handel campaign to pay for the extravagancies of Sarah Palin? 

Obviously not.  The funny thing is we rarely hear about Palin's losers.  If you think about it, Palin has a pretty sweet gig - she has a PAC that does nothing but collect money from idiot donors while the GOP pays her legal fees and she jets around the country on the dime of various campaigns spouting the same speech she probably had Piper write...

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