Sunday, October 3, 2010

Millions Attend Progressive Rally In Washington!

Ole Ole Olson from News Junkie Post beat me too it with the following article, titled "Four Million Attend One Nation Working Together Rally!" - a reference to the right-wing's assertion that millions attended Glenn Beck's rally in August this year.
Well, not really, but if this was a Republican Teanut Corporation rally, this would be the headline trumpeted across the internet. The One Nation rally today was large, but the attendance figures spread by progressive news sites proves that they do not engage in the same type of propaganda that is a epidemic with conservative news outlets. Both sides are not the same.
I had wanted to make that joke. I was not familiar with the One Nation Working Together Rally - I didn't even realize it took place until I read the news last night - but one thing I noticed as I read the numerous news stories out there is that there was no article claiming over a million people attended the rally.  The closest I could find was an Associated Press article from the Chicago Sun-Times that stated "organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally" but then they also indicated that "Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as Beck's crowd" - where was the Associated Press when conservatives tried to up their attendance numbers to over a million, or when the right-wing media tried to say Beck's rally last year had the same amount of visitors as Obama's inauguration?

Olson did make similar comparisons to Beck's rally, pointing out that the Beck rally was heavily pushed by Beck, Fox News, and the entire right-wing corporate media, even going as far as driving other networks to report on their rally.  Olson also goes into detail discussing the past crowd-inflation problems of the right, like trying to pass off images of other busier rallies as their own.  

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