Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Peace Flaming and Censorship!

Updated!  Read below for Big Peace's response.

I read a recent Big Peace article by John J. Xenakis and thought some of the comments left by Xenakis' supporters were quite offensive and I thought I would share a couple before they hopefully get deleted:

What were they in response to?  Comments like this:

While I don't agree with CatoTheWiser's approach, I understand the point he was making - the Biggers were not as open-minded and decided to go for the attack.  There were some interesting comments made in support of Israel, but for the most part they were drowned out by the loud-mouth commenters like LegendofSmedley, who preferred to resort to insults then actual facts.

CatoTheWiser made some very excellent points, and I would have liked to hear a reasonable response, but the Big websites are hardly the forum...

Update - It appears Big Peace believed some censorship was in order - the comment I posted above by CatoTheWiser was deleted, as well as many of CatoTheWiser's other non-offensive comments - eight in total.

The LegendofSmedley's comments I had reported had also disappeared so that with Cato's negative IntenseDebate score and frequently deleted comments, it would appear that Cato was the belligerent party.  Big Peace censors seemed to miss one exchange though:

Who do you think was in the wrong?

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  1. These comments are tame compared to what I receive. At a minimum, it is the f bomb and then it is homosexual references. There is such a double standard at the Bigs sites. When Jimmy O'Keefe went after the CNN reporter, I went after him on Bigjournalism. I did not use any four letter words or call him dirty names, but I am still banned for being off topic. Their high yellow scores can drop all the f bombs they want and nothing happens unless you complain.


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