Monday, November 8, 2010

Petition To Replace Harry Reid

I thought this was important enough to share - Politics Plus has published an online petition to replace Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
Harry Reid has been such a weak majority leader that voters have come to think of Democratic as the party of spineless weakness.  We need a majority leader who will fight for progressive values, not cower in fear at the first threat of Republican opposition.  Please join us in petitioning your Democratic Senator(s) to replace Harry Reid with a Senator with the courage to stand fast against Republican assaults on our Constitution, our freedom, and our well being.
I agree with TomCat at Politics Plus.  I continually found myself scratching my head for the past two years wondering why legislation was getting held up in the Senate, and it bothered me that Harry Reid's Senate had continually fell victim to fight-wing shenanigans - the Democrats would make concessions only for the Republicans to ask for more... and Harry Reid would give it to them.  The Democrats had a majority in both chambers of Congress yet the only thing to show for it were a bunch of watered down bills, which in the end do little to strengthen America.  It is my opinion that the majority should have a strong leader who is willing to stand up for not only their party, but their constituency, and considering the wide margins the Democrats won with in 2008 and what they have to show for it, I believe it is time to replace Reid.

I must say that I find it interesting that conservatives are constantly attacking the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda when at every turn Reid attempted to work with congressional Republicans.  I think that with Reid gone the GOP would have to craft a new message, and maybe the Democrats would be better equipped to handle the right-wing propaganda machines.  The Republicans already have strong leadership, and although the tea parties are testing their limits, I believe the GOP may snap back for a unified attack against Democrats.  They want a majority in both chambers and the White House in 2012 - I think they need to work for it, and hopefully with a stronger Democratic opposition, the Republican choices will be better next time around...

Sign the petition by clicking here.

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