Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pick Of The Week

I have decided to do a quick summary of sorts for the previous week on Sundays to highlight the best of The Midnight Review.  With this being the first "Pick Of The Week," I had decided to go back another week.

Supreme Court Hears Video Game Censorship Case, Judge Alito's Constitutional Hypocrisy. 

On November 2nd, I had written an article detailing the comments made by the Supreme Court justices regarding the oral arguments involving a video game censorship cases and the hypocrisy of Justice Alito's comments - while he has made comments in the past against the concept that the constitution is a "living document," he argued that video games were never conceived by the founding fathers and that the constitution should be interpreted differently to take into consideration modern inventions.

Glenn "Beckenomics," Food Commodities, And The Impending Doom We All Face.

On November 5th, I had written an article referencing a Glenn Beck conspiracy, in which Beck believed the food commodities market was headed for disaster because of a secret inflation and that listeners to his program should purchase some sort of food insurance, but as I pointed out, prices were headed for an increase because cereal producers looked to end their lengthy price war...

Big Government Attacks Orlando For Barber Shop Raids

On November 9th, I had written an article regarding a Big Government propaganda piece that referenced an Orlando Sentinel story about police raids of barber shops - Big Government insisted these raids were evidence of an overreaching government, but living in Central Florida and familiar with the area in question, I was able to debunk the author's claims that the police were unjust.

Muslims Overtake The White House?!

On November 10th, I had written a humurous articl making fun of right-wing conspiracies by insisting Muslims were aiming to take over America based on the names of popular apple sauces...

Tucker Carlson Commits Computer Fraud 

On November 11th, I had written an article discussing the emails made by Tucker Carlson, who pretended to be Keith Olbermann.  Based on the definition, it appeared Carlson committed an act of computer fraud.

Sarah Palin Linked To George Soros 

On November 12th, I had written an article pointing to a very intersting piece that linked Sarah Palin to popular conservative target George Soros. As can be expected, the right-wing media were absent for the criticisms that they levy against everyone else who is not a conservative...

Democrats Find Leadership Solution While Rush Limbaugh Attempts To Stir Up Trouble (While Seemingly Supporting Affirmative Action)

On November 13th, I had written an article referencing comments made by Rush Limbaugh, in which Limbaugh attacked what he saw as a Democratic power struggle based on racial tensions, but as I pointed out, Limbaugh's comments seem to supprt an idea that he has so often criticized - affirmative action.

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