Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rachel Ehrenfeld Claims President Un-American

Rachel Ehrenfeld had written an article on Big Peace about the president's recent trip overseas and how he continued to promote Islam and un-American principles.

"President’s Obama’s recent trip to Asia was intended to advance U.S. influence in the region, promote American exports, and create jobs at home." wrote Ehrenfeld.  "But the U.S. President, and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have also been working to advance his un-American agenda – promoting a religion, the religion of Islam."

How exactly does Ehrenfeld suggest the administration has bee promoting Islam, and why exactly is Islam anti-American, especially when there are so many Muslims who are American?

According to Ehrenfeld, the president flew around the world speaking of Islam in a positive light - not just about terrorism.  If Obama visited Ireland and discussed Protestants and Catholics working together and mentioned the good things of Christianity, do you think Ehrenfeld would write about the administration's support of Christian terrorism?

Former President Bill Clinton recently visited Northern Ireland to meet the SDLP leader and First Minister, where he stated the possibilities of peace and how the island could be used as an example.

"I thank all of you for proving a thesis possible. Whenever people say we can’t do it in the Middle East, we can’t do it somewhere, we just draw Northern Ireland to them." said Clinton.  Maybe Clinton should pay Ehrenfeld a visit.

Basically, Ehrenfeld's post continues on with the various words of praise Obama said around the globe, but she settles on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the remainder, focusing on comments Clinton had made praising Malaysian diversity and stating the Asian nation should be "looked to as both a thought leader and a model globally in a number of significant areas."  Ehrenfeld points to a couple incidents as proof Islam is bad, like a young non-Muslim getting "whacks on his palm" for bringing non-halal food to his school or because Malaysia is the center for Islamic banking, and as Ehrenfeld points out Islamic banking leads to terrorism.

I just wanted to point out that corporal punishment in schools is still legal in some states in America - Ehrenfeld's mention of the Malaysian incident in Kuching would be like claiming America is racist by pointing to the actions of a single Catholic school that slaps your knuckles or bottom when you don't pray properly, which is hardly representative of the American public. 

Ehrenfeld also believes Islamic banking is bad because Islamic countries that conservatives may not be fans of, like Iran, Sudan, or Syria are members to the Islamic Financial Services Board, and bad Muslims live in those bad countries.  Aren't one of those countries also part of the Axis of Evil?

Because of Clinton and Obama's comments, Ehrenfeld comes to the conclusion that the president wants to help spread Islam and that the administration wants to replace the American financial system with an Islamic one.
Was our Secretary of State aware of the true nature of Islamic banking when she praised it? Most likely not. Instead, she probably adheres to the same PC interpretation of “jihad,” as the President, who announced in Mumbai: “the phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations.”

While the reform of the American financial system is urgent, Islamic banking governed by Shari’a and by Muslim clerics—not U.S. laws and regulators—should not be endorsed, for these serve an un-American agenda
I think Ehrenfeld shook her Magic 8 Ball one too many times while writing this article...

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