Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bristol Palin's Body Language In PSA With Jersey Shore's The Situation

Bristol Palin stars in a public service announcement with Dancing With The Stars co-star Michael Sorrentino (a.k.a. The Situation) from MTV's Jersey Shore.

Palin seems to fidget throughout the entire video, but more so when she starts talking about teen parenting and abstinence.  When she states she knows how hard it is to be a teen mom, she just slaps her hands together and sways back and forth.  When she talks about abstinence, she can't help but play with her fingers.

Swaying, fidgeting, or playing with the hands, can be indicative of something more.  According to some websites, swaying can mean a weak ego, fidgeting can mean the person is bored or has something more to say, and wringing ones hands can be a display of nervousness.

What does Bristol have to be nervous about?  Especially when talking about abstinence and safe sex, after all, she is a spokesperson for The Candie's Foundation?

Also, check out Palingates' new article, which details Sarah Palin's resentment towards reality television contestants, like those on American Idol, while ignoring her own daughter's involvement on Dancing With The Stars.  Hmmm...


  1. Bristle is not comfortable with her own sexuality, and it shows, she shouldn't be speaking to young kids laugh at her.....because they can tell she is way out of her fact she appears to be swallowing.....uhhh...water..air.trying to keep from drowning..she is very uncomfortable and is not qualified to act as an advocate...some of her voice sounds like she is very fake in her sincerity about the discussion she is having with the "situation" A very insincere person, she is...barracuda78

  2. Bristol is a horrible actor and a horrible dancer. She is also a horrible mother. How is that?

    I'm not saying she is horrible because she is a "teen mom," but because she isn't there for her child. She speaks about abstinence but as you put it, she isn't sincere. This PSA shows a very nervous Palin, and it is either because she is a bad actor or she is a bad liar.

  3. If Bristol really cared about abstinence, she would be all over the place acting like Christine O'Donnell on Bill Maher, but she doesn't. Instead, she goes out partying, plays a contestant on a celebrity game show, and gets paid for speaking engagements about how her life is so hard.

  4. I would chalk the nervousness up to being uncomfortable reciting lines. As for the whole abstinence thing, my guess would be that's more her mom speaking than her. I'll be nice and give Bristol the benefit of the doubt. As for The Situation, I have four words: single car automobile accident.

  5. You could also theorize that she's just trying to make the most of her recent publicity before it becomes known that she's pregnant again which will ruin her credibility as an abstinence speaker. That is of course pure conjecture, based on very loose facts such as her being the only contestant on DWTS (from any season?) that has gained weight and not lost any during the show and the fact that she actually does look pregnant in a lot of the behind the scenes footage when not dressed up to perform.

    Of course it could be she puts very little effort into dancing so doesn't get the exercise.

  6. Maybe her mom will fake this pregnancy, too!

    Worst case scenario, Bristol can tell The Candies Foundation that she went for the latter method of birth control (The Situation's condoms) and that the condom just happened to break...

  7. You people are widely known that Bristol has arthritis. Kevin, how do you know that she is not there for her child? You all are "guessing" and throwing things out there like anyone cares about what you have to say.

    You all can open your mouths and insert your feet.

  8. Anonymous - The reason why I write such articles about the Palins is because of their blatant hypocrisy and agressive nature towards the media.

    Sarah Palin makes countless baseless accusations against the media (as well as others) and for that reason she limits access for her events and only speaks through social network sites and Fox News. Until that woman starts to show a shred of honesty, I am led to believe that she is the mother of a pack of liars, and so I will continue to publish such rumours like the one above...

    Also, I write such articles because they help increase exposure to my other articles...

  9. I just noticed something I missed. Anonymous' last comment regarding the "widely known" fact that Bristol Palin has arthritis.

    This is extremely laughable. Doing a Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. search on Bristol Palin and arthritis yields zero results.

    Just thought I'd share that observation...


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