Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TMZ Pokes Fun At Bristol Palin, Harvey Levin's Conspiracies


TMZ's Harvey Levin dove into conspiracy theory territory when he recently discussed his thoughts as to why Bristol Palin is still on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."  Levin seems to believe Bristol's mother is playing into the reason why she hasn't been booted yet considering her dancing isn't all that great.  While TMZ poked fun at their fearless leader, I have to agree with Harvey to a certain degree, but I thought there was something else interesting - a commenter on TMZ made an excellent point stating that Sarah Palin fans have most likely been inflating Bristol's numbers to keep her on the show, and considering the fanaticism that surrounds the cult of Palin, I wouldn't be surprised if these mindless drones are just phoning in their vote for Bristol solely because they love her lying mama.

Why exactly am I wasting my time discussing the Alaskan Claptrap and her daughter's appearance on some television dance-off?

I find the lengths to which her fan base would go to appalling - they can't be objective and seek to taint everything they touch because they have to have it their way...

Can't wait until 2012 when the Palin sheep try double-stuffing the ballots with her name on them, and should she lose, I can half-expect Palin to take her turn at being a write-in candidate...

Update -I had just found this article at a Firedoglake weblog called La Figa that discusses the potential ballot stuffing that may be keeping Bristol on the show, as well as detailing just how someone can manipulate the voting on DWTS.
1. You can vote multiple accounts on multiple browsers. So if you have 10 accounts you can vote them on IE, then switch to Mozilla, then to Google Chrome, and any number of browsers.

2. You can vote the same accounts on multiple computers. The system does not register that an account has already been voted.

3. You do not have to use a legit email to start an account. For example, I pick a local college. All of their emails end in nctc.edu, so I make up an user name and add that to the end in order to make up additional accounts.

4. If fans are in contact with other fans, they can share their account lists and vote each set on other computers.

5. Start voting as soon as the show starts-once its over phone lines are jammed and online voting slows down. I normally vote until around 11CST, get a few hours sleep and then hit it again. Overnight the online voting is much faster.
I decided to check out some popular Mama Palin fan sites to see if any of them worked hard to see the younger Palin keep on dancin' - Conservatives4Palin (C4P for short) didn't even hide their voter fraud efforts - they have articles devoted to cheating the other hardworking celebrities and dancers by giving the contact information and text-in codes for Bristol.

Here are a couple of the comments I found from Palin's September performance:



  1. I actually watch Dancing With the Stars (last 3 seasons) and my fiance has watched all seasons and there are a couple things of interest to note about this show.

    Historically, the worst dancers are voted off early, regardless of fan base as most viewers really don't want. There are few exceptions, such as Kelly Osborne going to the final 2; however, even she showed some actual talent each week and always improvement, not to mention she was entertaining being used to the camera so was able to win fans.

    What is baffling about Bristol, is that she has really been the worst dancer consistently, and has had to rely on her professional (Mark Ballas) to basically hold her tightly and guide her around the floor since anytime she is on her own she forgets steps, loses time, looks confused (or "vacant" as the judges have pointed out repeatedly). Even when she copied a Kelly Osborne dance, they cut out all the "solo" opportunites that Kelly was actually able to perform, showing Bristol's only has the ability to "not trip up Mark Ballas as he pushes her aorund like a shopping cart".

    Considering her judges scores are usually the lowest, it has been surprising that she was not even in danger of being voted off the last time, where two of the best dancers (and likeable celebrities) were.

    And unfortunately you cannot vote people off, only vote for who you like.

    What would be interesting is if Celebrity Entertainer Palin has actually "tweeted" or "noted" anything that resembles "Please dial/text this number to vote for Bristol in DWTS" or similar such requests.

    I'm convinced that she is alive on the show ONLY to the fanbase/followers of her mother. Note I did not say supporters, since entertainers, which the Alaskan Claptrap is, similar to Sean Penn, don't have supporters...they have fans.

  2. And honestly, while the show is about celebrity hype, the main goal, as repeatedly stated by the judges, is to actually dance and show improvement. Unofortunately they don't judge everybody on the same scale, usually being more critical of the obviously geeat dancers, and having more leniancy with the horrible ones (at least if they try, unlike Master P).

    Historically this has been true, and we can only hope that justice is finally served and Palin goes home tonight, which would be very fitting giving her political background.

  3. I watched some of last season but in writing this little post I watched some of Bristol's dances. I had noticed the closeness between Ballas and Palin in a lot of the dances, where he would grab her tightly and hold her or push his face right beside his - she seemed to always have this "Look I'm on TV!" or the "Holey crap I'm dancing!" look on her face.


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