Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sarah Palin Complains About Invasion Of Privacy On Her Reality Show!

What a joke - the Alaskan Claptrap, Sarah Palin, had debuted the first episode of her new reality television show online today, and as can be expected, the former half-term-governor-turned-celebrity-entertainer complained about the invasion of her privacy by the media.

"Our behavior has certainly changed this summer because of this new neighbor," said Palin. "I think it is an intrusion, an invasion of our privacy and I don't like it." Palin later adds, "It's just none of his flippin' business."

Does anybody see anything wrong with this statement?

Palin is saying all this on her reality show!

Palin's comments seemed to focus on her summertime neighbor - author Joe McGinnis who was writing a biographical book on Palin.

"Some reporters said I was overreacting and I wanted to ask them: 'How would you feel if some dude you knew was out to get you moved 15 feet away from your kids? How would you feel?'"

Which is worse - having a benign author living next door or having a camera crew in your home?  For those obsessed with Palin, I would imagine the reality show to be much worse - remember how the serial killer in Manhunter picked his victims?  He watched their home videos they had developed...

For your enjoyment, the final scenes from Mahunter...


  1. All the pictures we have seen of the butt ugly house, there has never ever been a table and chairs set out there. So her statement that she likes to sit out there is pure BS. Added BS - that she writes out there!!! That's a joke.

  2. Thank you for calling her house "butt ugly." I had studied architecture for years and I hate that type of house! I'm sure they are nice to live in, but aesthetically speaking, it is hideous.

    Now as for your comment about her table and chairs - I also wonder if there has been any picture taken showing a magazine, newspaper, or book anywhere in her house, because as we all know, Palin reads them all... ;)


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