Monday, November 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Believes Presidency Worth The Sacrifice, But Not Alaska's Governorship

I thought there was an article by Matea Gold from The Los Angeles Times that was interesting - when pressed by Fox's Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin insisted that she would step back into public service if she was needed, stating it would be wroth the "sacrifices."
"Those within the establishment who have kind of perpetuated the problem by going along just to get along, including some who've been wishy-washy on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda — the message sent to them is no more," Palin said.

She was more equivocal about her own political future, telling Wallace, "I love the freedom that I have, that I can sit here and I can tell you anything that I want to tell you and not have to worry so much about how it will affect my future political career, or my relationship with senators or congressmen."

But when Wallace said he believed she would not run because she was enjoying private life too much, the former governor hastened to clarify that she would be happy to step back into public life.

"You know, the country is worth it, though, to make those sacrifices, when we talk about making money today, having a lot of fun today, having all this freedom," she said. "If the country needed me — and I'm not saying that the country does and that the country would ever necessarily want to choose me over anyone else, but I would be willing to make the sacrifices if need be for America."
I find it very hard to believe Palin.  While she claims she would make the personal sacrifices to enter public service once again, her last time in a governmental leadership roll proved otherwise - Palin quit almost halfway through her only term as Alaska's governor for fame and fortune on the conservative celebrity entertainer circuit. 

I also find Palin's arrogance and ignorance quite interesting - Palin told Chris Wallace that she could pretty much say anything and it would not affect her future political career, but that is far from being accurate.  Should Palin run for office again, I doubte her numerous statements, ranging from "death panels" to defending Dr. Laura's "nigger" rant, would do any good bolstering her chances of winning.


  1. Brilliant, Kevin, brilliant! Although I think her money-grubbing has reached a peak except for her cult followers and the cynics who think they can make money off her, and even Murdoch doesn't like to waste money.

    So, yeah, $400K a year, bolstered by her ill-gotten millions made in the last 2 yrs, probably will be looking good in the near future.

    But she never considered Karl Rove, either, who has already figured out how she's single-handedly helping the Republicans destroy themselves.


  2. Nice article. I'm glad you used the nasty, hateful, riot-causing n-word in full context.

    Mooseyak isn't fit to serve pancakes. She delusional and phony as hell.

    --Game Of Life.

  3. Anon 1 - I am beginning to think Palin will run for a shot at the presidency only as a gigantic publicity stunt - nobody can be that diluted to believe they would win an election in front of the entire electorate. I think she will probably lose in the primary and then claim more prejudices against her. She made her millions duping dimwitted conservatives and I'm sure she's not done - you just inspired the subject of my next Palin article - how Sarah Palin embodies the seven cardinal sins!

    Anon 2 - In regards to my use of the n-word, I find that when used in the literary context, such as writing the statements a person makes, it makes that statement much more real. I do not like the word but in a literary

    I can go on about how Palin defended Dr. Laura for her n-word rant, but when I spell it out it becomes a more powerful reminder of just what kind of person people like Palin is.

    In my opinion, the right-wing has tried to capitalize on racial and bigoted terms (more of their race-baiting and fear-mongering). Just think of Palin attacking Rahm Emmanuel for the "r-word" while defending Limbaugh. I think it is best if you hammer home just how twisted they are by spelling out their comments.

  4. Meant to write: "I do not like the word but in certain instances I find it's use okay - never as a slur intended to denigrate or attack someone."


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