Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Incestuous Conservative Media

Conservative media has constantly attacked all other media as being biased, ranging from the claims by Fox News that they are "fair and balanced" to the attacks against the "mainstream media" by people like Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, or Glenn Beck, who accuse journalists of having a liberal bias and actively conspiring against conservatives.  For example, just look at this newest attack on the media that seems to have gotten conservatives all upset, including Sarah Palin because the alleged target of the attacks is her corrupt candidate in Alaska - Joe Miller.

Palin makes claims that Sen. Lisa Murkowski's hired guns and the media have conspired to take down her anti-establishment candidate Joe Miller. She accused Murkowski of getting a conservative radio host fired because he supported Miller when in reality he got fired for attempting to electioneer by encouraging his followers to become write-in candidates to try and dilute Murkowski's impact - a fact that upset his bosses and had nothing to do with the Murkowski campaign - and she accused of CBS affiliated reporters of conspiring to create propaganda against Miller by insisting that she had proof.  Here's her proof:

Basically, Palin's proof is a bunch of garbled audio of a couple unidentified individuals.  She also claimed they want to "concoct a Ron Paul moment" - I think she meant Rand Paul moment, but whatever - if you listen to the audio of the tape, the alleged reporters say that they "won't know" if there is going to be any kind of "Ron Paul moment"  "but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever," they could report it using new media tools like Twitter or Facebook - Palin's preferred method of communication.

Palin's accusations against a corrupt media are nothing new, and her sentiments are not alone - these are statements made all throughout the conservative blogosphere and "news" channels like Fox News or Andrew Breitbart's and Glenn Beck's various websites.  While Palin is claiming to be the victim, just look at the incestuous relationships that run rampant throughout the conservative media.  Just look at this little chart that lists just a handful of the right's pundits and their interactions, collaborations, and contributions with one another:

I only did a brief search on these individuals so I am sure that there are more connections.  The point is these people have been actively conspiring to try and take down the entire administration. Glenn Beck and Jim Hoft worked tirelessly to take down Van Jones, and when he was gone they moved onto their next target.  Andrew Breitbart has published hacked-up videos (with the help of his propaganda prodigy James O'Keefe) to discredit whatever and whomever he pleases, from ACORN to Shirley Sherrod.

Basically, the right believes they are the ones that are under attack but just look at some of the articles on Breitbart's websites.  Read some of Jim Hoft's posts.  Then compare those articles to something you may read in a magazine like The Economist.  You'll see a big difference...

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