Monday, November 15, 2010

New James O'Keefe Video Attacks Teachers Unions

Here is the new James O'Keefe video:

I am skeptical of this video for a couple reasons.

One reason is because the video is like O'Keefe's other videos - highly edited. What prompted the people to say some of the things they were saying (some in jest)? Did the cameraman try to entice certain statements to be made?

The video sensationalizes certain comments, like the one made by Alissa Ploshnick, where she used the word "nigger" in describing the actions of an entirely different tenured teacher, yet because of this video she was suspended and denied a raise.

There is a thing called context, and this video lacks any of it. Give me the full recordings and then I will believe that the information presented is that damning.

I am tired of O'Keefe publishing his cobbled-together videos (although this one seems better produced) and I am tired of his targets making knee-jerk reactions because in the end they only add to the perception that James O'Keefe is a legitimate investigator, when in reality he is a criminal political activist - his targets should realize that they are picked because of O'Keefe's political agenda and should they fold under pressure O'Keefe will only feel more empowered - they need to let him fail...

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