Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Responds To Joe Miller's Loser-Lawsuit

I found Lisa Murkowski's response to Joe Miller's lawsuit to be very interesting, and one that Joe Miller should praise:
Attorneys for Murkowski said her seat will be vacant and Alaska will have only one senator if she's not seated on time.

"There are numerous critical issues facing our nation and Alaskans deserve to have full representation in the United States Senate," attorney Scott M. Kendall wrote in a motion to intervene in the lawsuit.

He warned that Murkowski would have a gap in service if she's not seated and she would lose her seniority.

"She would go from her current rank of 43rd to 100th," he said.
Joe Miller's frivolous lawsuit is threatening Alaskan representation, and not only that, Miller appears to be delusional, insisting that he could win - he has claimed everything from voter fraud to smiley faces invalidating ballots.
Miller claims he still has a chance to overtake Murkowski. He has raised allegations of election fraud, claiming voters may have been allowed to take ballots even if they did not have identification or were not personally known by election workers. He said that in several precincts, handwriting samples indicate the same person or a small group of people wrote in names on multiple ballots.

Murkowski attorney Kendall argued in his motion that Murkowski deserves to be a party to the lawsuit and has already defeated Miller.

Miller, he said, had observers at each counting table as well as attorneys and supervisors in the room. Miller representatives were able to challenge ballots for any reason, he said, and for no reason.

"Only some of Miller's challenges were based on a misspelling of Sen. Murkowski's name," he said. Others were challenged because voters wrote "Murkowski, Lisa," or added the party affiliation "Republican," or wrote "L. Murkowski."

Some ballots were challenged, he said, because they included an extraneous mark, such as an exclamation point, a heart or a happy face, or because of any correction on the ballot – a misspelling crossed out and then correctly spelled.

Some ballots were challenged because of what Miller observers deemed "poor handwriting," Kendall said.
Joe Miller - Alaska has spoken.  Shut up and go away!


    we know the truth about what is going on up here...yo DO NOT!

    Murkowski would be in JAIL if the truth comes out!

  2. I originally was not going to publish your comment because I prefer civility to prevail in the comments section (your first exclamation was unwarranted), but I was curious - just what is the truth?

    Why exactly would Murkowski go to jail?

    If you are implying mass voter fraud, I would like to ask - even with the contested ballots, Miller is the loser, so what are you referencing specifically? Are there more ballots that Miller's team didn't get a chance to contest?

  3. Thanks for the piece, Kevin. I'm an Alaskan voter who thinks that Mr. Miller is disenfranchising the majority of Alaskans who clearly indicated our preference for Senator Murkowski. If only the citizens of Alaska could file suit against Mr. Miller!

  4. Karen - You should also read what I wrote about Sarah Palin's comments - she criticized "blue bloods" for trying to pick candidates and winners without having a competition, but she contributed to Millers fund to sue the Alaskan government because they didn't like the results of competition. Miller doesn't have a leg to stand on - he doesn't even have enough challenged votes to make a difference yet he is still continuing through.

    Here in Florida, we had a similar three way race (Rubio/Meek/Crist). I supported Independent Crist. Crist lost and now Republican Rubio is my senator-elect. I'm not calling for a recount. I accept the fact that Rubio will be my next senator. I'm not happy about it but I have to live with it.

    People like Miller or Palin never seem happy with reality, and so they try to make things conform to their idea of reality. Miller believes he should be the next senator from Alaska, so despite being down thousands of votes, he will waste not only his money, but tax payer money to try and throw out thousands of Alaskan votes just so he can go to Washington...

  5. Also, Anonymous - are you ever going to give the truth?


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