Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Daily Show Political Party - Vote For Me!

I am formally requesting assistance from The Daily Show on Comedy Central to sponsor my candidacy for elected office in 2012 to compete against newly-elected Republican Daniel Webster. Should Comedy Central take up my offer, I would run on The Daily Show Party ticket and campaign on a platform of rationality, civility, and sanity.

What better way to not only restore sanity to Washington, but to illustrate the hypocrisies in the media, such as Fox News, who have consistently misrepresented facts, when facts were present, to push their own agenda and their preferred political candidates. Just consider the relationship some legislators and candidates have shared with Fox News in the past, such as Palin becoming a paid employee of the broadcaster and failed politicians like Christine "I Am Not A Witch" O'Donnell who refused to talk to any media outlet but Fox News.

I am not only requesting The Daily Show to prop up my candidacy, but candidates all across the nation. We can combat the GOP's Young Guns, or any other quirky-named political group with our own - The Sane Train. We can roll on into Washington to help put an end to partisan bickering, which in the end only causes Americans to suffer.

I have three basic principles that I would run on - if elected, I would be willing to take a pay cut from the average salary a representative makes, I would always vote alongside my constituency, not against them, and I would only meet with the people (voters) I represent - not special interests.

Can you imagine debating against those principles? If an opponent were to criticize how I would vote, they would be criticizing a majority of their own constituency. Would they be willing to take the same pay cuts? Would they be willing to only meet with people who can vote for them?

This is just the basics of my theoretical campaign (as well as potentially hundred of others), but I would love to turn this into a reality - a movement of sorts!

What do you think?


  1. I forgot to add - I will only speak through non-biased journalists and Comedy Central... ;)

  2. As much as I like to read your stuff, I don't think the Daily Show should jump into that boat. That's the crap Fox News does, and it's really in bad taste. I would support you somehow, although I'm not an FL voter. But I do think you have an outlook that is in tune with at least my thinking. And I hope many others in this country! Good luck!

  3. I had thought that doing so, although highly unlikely, would be an ultimate form of satire. I think it would be an interesting real world example of just what is wrong with Fox News and the people who appear on it...

    I agree with your assessment too. Maybe I'm just too cheap to come up with the hundreds of signatures and thousands of dollars to get on the ballot - I think the least and cheapest in Florida is a no-party affiliated district representative - somewhere around one thousand dollars and one thousand signatures...


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