Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Linked To George Soros

Justin Elliott from Salon broke the news - a top aide for Sarah Palin runs a consulting firm in the nation's capitol that has been bankrolled by one of George Soros' organizations to lobby the federal government on legislation regarding the democratization of Burma, as well as sanctions against the Asian dictatorship.
Glenn Beck spent the past week denouncing the liberal billionaire and philanthropist George Soros as a "puppet master" who is orchestrating a coup "to bring America to her knees."

Given Soros' alleged role plotting to destroy the United States, Beck and his Fox viewership might be surprised to learn that one of Sarah Palin's top aides has been on Soros' payroll for years.

That would be Republican lobbyist Randy Scheunemann, Palin's foreign policy adviser and a member of her small inner circle. He runs a Washington, D.C., consulting firm called Orion Strategies. Scheunemann and a partner have since 2003 been paid over $150,000 by one of Soros' organizations for lobbying work, according to federal disclosure forms reviewed by Salon. The lobbying, which has continued to the present, centers on legislation involving sanctions and democracy promotion in Burma.
This news is very interesting since it follows Beck's week-long exposĂ© about Soros.  To give you an idea of just what the right-wing think of Soros,  the conservative Economic Policy Journal blog wrote an article about Glenn Beck targeting Soros in the past and they called him an "evil bastard global control freak."  That message hasn't really changed over the past year.

Beck's website, The Blaze, was full of Soros articles, but what his website didn't have was one describing the association between the Alaskan Claptrap and his arch-nemesis.


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  1. Of course Beck wouldn't disclose that, it would undermine the whole expose. Not that he did undermine it himself in the first part, when he basically declared it a vendetta.


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