Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Morgan Freeman Impersonator Political Ad...

Recently, a particular election advertisement (above) made some news because of a voice that was strikingly similar to Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman's. The political campaign of North Carolina Republican B. J. Lawson claims the voice was Freeman's but Freeman begs to differ. As a result, the campaign pulled the ad but not their claim. I thought a comment made by campaign spokesperson was pretty interesting.

"We’re pulling our ads, obviously, if Morgan Freeman says its not him" said Lawson campaign manager Martin Avila yesterday, adding "This is obviously not what we want to talk about" with elections a day away.

Of course Lawson's campaign doesn't want to talk about this advertisement - unless Morgan Freeman is having a senior moment, it shows someone blatantly lying to the public. Lawson's Democratic opponent realized this and jumped on the opportunity to attack the Republican.

"Lawson has lied to his supporters and to the community he wants to represent," said Democrat David Price. “This is an unfortunate and desperate attempt to fool voters in the last hours of a campaign. By using Mr. Freeman’s good name, B.J. Lawson has ruined his own, and he should be ashamed. Now the voters will decide whom they trust.”

Interestingly enough, the Lawson campaign stands behind their ad yet they pulled it from the airwaves and excluded it from their website, giving obviously false reasons as to why the ad does not appear anywhere on the page.  They claim to have a contract stating it was Morgan Freeman but that has yet to materialize.  Lawson's team would have been better off not saying anything, but since they decided to open their mouths, they brought all this negative attention upon themselves.

I at first thought this story was silly, but it shows the sheer desperation some to gain power...

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  1. I like how they state "IF Morgan Freeman says its not him..." as if there is any question on the matter.

    If the guy who recorded your ad says "It wasn't me" than there is no room for debate.


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