Saturday, April 17, 2010

Conservatives Disown Racist Tea Partier, Claim Man To Be Democratic Shill

Caught on tape, a man claiming to be a racist, and conservative, at a Tea Party was turned into a Democratic plant intending to discredit the organization by the Tea Party.  Conservative blogs have seemed to take extreme liberty with the truth and push the notion that this man was not a conservative.
There is no evidence on the tape to suggest the racist man was a “Dem shill.” And in fact, Sharp never accuses the man of being a liberal in his encounter with him. Rather, the tape shows the racist man explicitly touting his conservative bona fides.
While you can't really control who follows you, the Tea Party has seemed to embrace the the views of those like the man in the video in the past, but their shift is recent, due to the increased scrutiny from Tea Partiers yelling slurs at congressmen last month.  Now, the official Tea Party organizations are trying to distance themselves from the hate speech, while not completely disavowing it.  Instead, they claim situations to be isolated instances, or in this case, the opposition party going to great lengths to prove a point, but in my opinion, the latter seems to be pretty far fetched.  Since their creation, the Tea Party has continued to try to gain credibility, but the extremists who adhere to their beliefs have done them a disservice.  The solution is simple - just claim they are liberal.  Problem solved.  Each crazy is now a racist Democrat.  It's like doubling down...


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  2. Once Jason Levin's "Crash the Tea Party" became known it was immediately expected that right wing conservatives would use it as a way to explain their more racist and violent members.

    However, the members of Levin's movement explicitly know not to take part in any racist/violent actions and are only to mimic the more "loony" actions with the weirdest signs, outfits and sayings.

    In one way Levin's movement will expose the Tea Party movement for what it has turned into (a bunch of crazy extremists), but it also gives Conservatives a weak excuse to brush off their actions.

  3. @jds

    I'd be careful of throwing around legal terms you may not fully understand, or the consequences of such.

    From reading your "content" I think you'd be putting yourself more at risk of libel and plagiarism, but hey, if you want to spend money and send a C&D go right ahead. It would make a very funny article if it is ever received.

  4. I think Smithson's comments are more for show. Considering the posts on his website, he has to look strong to his supposed readership. Why would Smithson allow this alleged fraud to exist without doing anything?

    As I have posted, I understand the similarities between our names, but I also understand the differences, which is essentially everything, and Smithson will have an impossible time proving otherwise, and I welcome his cease and desist letter because I plan to ignore it.

    Let it be known that The Midnight Review permits Smithson to continually use The Midknight Review. I acknowledge that there is no infringement on my part of his website as there is no infringement of his part on mine.


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