Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sarah Palin For Federal Involvement In State Issues

I keep coming back to the matter of states' rights and limited government - after all, that is pretty much all the teabag right loves to talk about. This time, it involves the Oracle of Wasilla, Sarah Palin, attempting to dispel rumors regarding the new Arizona immigration law.

That's right... Sarah Palin is dispelling a myth... well, not really. More like she has decided to pop back up on television, probably to rally her fans after her horrible Fox program debut. Palin goes on the attack, throwing out her little Palinisms about the media, the government, and, well gosh darn, the people.

"Shame on the lamestream media again for turning this into something that it is not," Palin said. "Governor Jan Brewer did what she had to do as the CEO of that state to help protect the citizens of her state she had to do what the federal government has refused to do and that is help secure the borders."

See, this is what gets me so angry about the Tea Party...

They complain about states' rights and big government, but then they get upset that the federal government isn't the border in the state of Arizona. Why should the federal government protect Arizona's borders with the money collected from other states? Where does it say in the constitution that the federal government is responsible for securing the borders? Why can't Arizona secure it's own borders?

Of course I believe the federal government should be the one protecting the national border, but my questions are to illustrate the contradictions of the Tea Party argument...


  1. EXACTLY which news organizations are the 'Lamestream Media'

  2. Media Matters had a great little piece about Palin and the "lamestream media."

    She was insulting an unnamed media channel for stating that the Arizona immigration bill was making it illegal to be an illegal immigrant...

    Media Matters posted a graphic of Fox News displaying those words...

    So, by Palin's logic, Fox News is part of the "lamestream." I see that journalism degree is doing her well...


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