Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teresa Jacobs - Candidate For Orange County Mayor

I came home from work today and found a pamphlet for Teresa Jacobs and a petition form to get Jacobs on the ballot in August for Orange County Mayor.  I am excited to finally see a candidate for the race that is replacing Rich Crotty.  While I had heard of Jacobs before, I was unaware that she was running for the office of mayor, and reviewing her pamphlet, and subsequently, her website, I realize her pamphlet says more about her then the website, or atleast delivers the information in a better way.  Looking at her website, I can't see to find a clear answer as to who she is.  I only find campaign generalities and minor details, but I figure that is a given, and I see her website states that there will be more details to come in the near future. 

Her pamphlet is a lot more concise and skips the flavorful language.  Her resume seems impressive, apart from her once held title of President of the Orange County Homeowners Association Alliance - it is well known that I have a strong distaste for HOAs, and the fact that she held the top position of an association for associations doesn't sit well for me, but, the rest of her titles held somewhat balance it out... somewhat.  The most important piece of information, in my opinion, is under the "Wife, Mom, and Economic and financial Professional" heading, where she states her education (Cum Laude in Economics from FSU), business experience (Bank Investment Department Manager), position with the Florida Department of Transportation (Model Planning Manager), and personal information such as family and church - Holy Family Catholic Church, which also happens to be my parrish. 

So far, I like what I hear of Jacobs, and so I think I will giver her a chance by signing the petition.  Maybe I'll order a yard sign, but for now, I'll take things slowly.  I just hope she updates her site soon to have more concrete information.


  1. Teresa Jacobs? LOL LOL - The woman missed 653 votes in 8 years, as President of the Florida Association of Counties - she was there lobbyist trying to Defeat Amendment One - that would actually decrease property taxes. She had a very strong letter written to her by the Chairman of the County Commissioners telling her to stay OFF the cell phone during County Commissioner's Meetings as they could not do their work because of her rudeness and uncaring for the job the taxpayers were paying her.

    This woman is NOT for jobs and frankly she is a bad news for Orange County and Florida. Why in the World would the Republican Party back this woman? Time to Spring Clean the Republican Party in Orange County, Florida.

    Charlie Crist did a lot of good for Florida and the fact as a Conservative I feel the Republican Party is an extension of the Democratic Progressive Group leaves me angry-.

    Don't vote for Marco Rubio or Teresa Jacobs. Charlie Crist & Bill Siegel will do a great job for the Florida.

  2. Thank you for your input. While I have endorsed Teresa Jacobs, there is still time for me to change my mind and I haven't stopped doing my research.

    I will scrutinize the candidates even more closer to the election and I will post a final endorsement list before elections.

    At least we both agree on not voting for Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist!


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