Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama On Palin: "Not Much Of An Expert On Nuclear Issues"

I thought this was a video that needed to be shared. President Obama had an interview with ABC's Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos in Prague. Obama is asked about his opinion to Sarah Palin's criticism of Obama's Nuclear Posture Review, and Obama coolly dismissed Palin's comments. Despite Palin's coworkers coming to her defense, I still think Obama got it right.


  1. Aside from Moose Hunting, what exactly IS Sarah Palin as 'expert on?'

    Obama needs to do this way more often.

  2. He certainly did, Kevin.

    Eddie, she's an expert at palm-writing.

  3. I don't understand why many others don't come out and say this, too! I've talked to many conservative friends of mine who didn't vote for McCain specifically because Palin was on the ticket, but now, the right has a love affair with the half-governor...

    She needs to be called out on her ignorance every chance because the longer she is allowed to make baseless statements, the more damage she will be allowed to make...

    Since Obama made that comment, I noticed Palin's friends came to her defense. This is great, because it takes time away from their various smear campaigns against this administration.

  4. Everyday Hannity says nothing but praise for everything Palin, from the speeches she gives to her opinions and appearances.

    It may be minor but also in his reference of her as "Governor Palin" and not "Former" or more appropriately "Half-Term Governor" to try and establish some sort of credibility for her as a politican.

    Listen to his show and see how he references others:
    Bill Clinton
    President Bush
    Governor Palin

    And of course others like Mike Levin always reference President Obama as just "Barrak Hussein Obama". No reference to title but huge emphasis on middle name.

    It's very funny if you're intelligent and can pick up on these, but these subtle marketing tricks do work on the general idiotic population who can listen to their show.

    "Well this Palin person is a governor so must know what she's talking about. Bill Clinton rings a bell but I can't place who he is but he's just some guy since he has not job title."

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