Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conservatives Make Big Deal Over Perceived "Bow"

It is all over the conservative media.  Obama "bowed" yet again.  This time to Chinese President Hu Jintao.  As Fox reports, this is the fifth such "bow", preceded by "bows" to the Saudi king, the Japanese emperor, the Chinese premier, and the mayor of Tampa.  Logic would lead me to believe that these are not "bows" - well maybe all but one aren't.  After all, why would the president bow to the mayor of Tampa? 

As noted in this article, Obama did bow to the emperor of Japan, although incorrectly, and was not the first president to do so - President Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito in 1971, and did so correctly.  As an interesting side note, the Japanese did not publish the poor bow, but instead decided to run with "his appropriate and reciprocated nod and shake with the Empress, certainly to show the president as dignified," and to convey the message of a strong America.  Conservative journalists on this side of the Pacific thought it was best to undermine American standing abroad for political gain and made a story out of nothing to prove the president is weak.  Why?  Maybe because conservatives don't care for any administration that is not theirs, and would do anything to return to power, include insult America.  And why was there no mention of his better bow at Suntory Hall?  Maybe because it isn't conservative deemed "news" unless it is to some foreign dignitary or Florida mayor.

Why is this even on Special Report with Bret Baier?  It appears during their 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. designated news bloc despite being an opinion driven piece...

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