Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crist Backs Off Florida Oil Drilling

From a CBS News article regarding Florida Governor Charlie Crists change of position involving off shore oil drilling:
Crist was awed - and not in a good way - at the huge oil spill spreading from a damaged rig off the Louisiana coast and had nightmare visions of the same situation in Florida.

"Clearly it could be devastating to Florida if something like that were to occur. It's the last thing in the world I would want to see happen in our beautiful state," Crist said. "Until you actually see it, I don't know how you can comprehend and appreciate the shear magnitude of that thing. It's frightening."

Crist, who opposed drilling off Florida's coast until softening his stance over the past two years, said there is no question now that lawmakers should give up on the idea this year and in coming years. He has said previously he would support drilling if it was far enough from shore, safe enough and clean enough. He said the spill is proof that's not possible.
Crist's recent comments aren't a full reversal, but more like putting the car in first gear while backing out of the driveway.

Crist has never really been for drilling, but never really against it, but now it seems he is opting for the latter, and this change of heart seems to be brought on by the recent explosion on an oil rig on April 20th. With the threat of future disasters weighing heavily on people's minds, Crist has decided the best way to avoid disaster is to avoid doing anything at all.

In someways, I believe Crist's recent comments to be political, and are doing more to hurt his standing with the GOP base, which he needs to defeat Tea Party darling Marco Rubio in the Republican primary, but, should Crist continue to tackle issues with an on-the-fence approach, he might just be able to win the senate race should he jump the conservative ship and run independently...

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