Monday, April 26, 2010

This site came to me via a friend who shared an article from Slate regarding it on Facebook.  A site dedicated to to collecting and sharing long-form journalism sounded to good to pass up, and after checking it out, I believe it is worth keeping around.

From the Slate article:
"The early inspiration for the site was a passionate, slightly one-upmanship-based search for amazing long-form stories that went on over the last couple years, since myself, Max, and a few others ... got iPhones," says Lammer, a writer and Web developer, who is 28. "Everyone has that one standout piece that gets seared into their skull, so it was exciting, when someone mentioned one, to actually be able to track it down and pass it around. For me, the process echoed the early days of MP3s, when out of print and ultra-rare recordings that had been stuck in record industry purgatory all started making the rounds. Except with long-form stories, the whole thing is amplified, because most of these pieces have totally dropped off the map."
I share the reader's sentiments about Longform - while the site is new and promising, I will keep my expectations to a minimum, but keep hope above that.  The one thing that I look forward to regarding this site is that journalism now has seemed to have been corrupted by sound-bite reporting.  To capture an audience's attention and increase total traffic for the hopes of making a quick buck, media outlets have dumbed down their reporting, shortened their stories, and sacrificed credability for marketability.  I hope this site brings intellectual, well thought out journalistic pieces back to the forefront of the indunstry.

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