Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Government Reverses Argument, Claims Liberals Hate Middle Class, Tea Parties Contain Intellectual Discourse

Read something funny over at Big Government yesterday.

Bob Tyrrell wrote a little piece discussing how great the Tea Parties are versus how bad liberals really are.  Tyrrell had gone on to write the following line:
Further the so-called Liberals hate the middle class. A perfect example of this is the diabolizing of the pulchritudinous Sarah Palin. She is the embodiment of the American middle class—and, what is more, she is very cute.
This was an interesting statement. Lets ignore the fact that Sarah Palin has a multi-million dollar deal with Fox, and that she commands big numbers for her less then stellar speaking engagements. Lets ignore the fact that she abused her power as half-term Alaska governor. Lets ignore the fact that pretty much everything about Sarah Palin is far from being middle-class, after all, how many American middle class families get to jet set on their state's dime and receive dividend checks from the oil industry?

The really absurd statement made by Tyrrell, apart from that whole Sarah Palin thing, is that "Liberals hate the middle class." I guess I forgot when the Republicans stood up for the middle class that was getting pummeled by health care costs, or when the Republicans stepped in to protect the middle class that were getting ripped to shreds by the credit card companies, or when the Republicans decided to advance financial reform to try and prevent the big banks from causing another economic meltdown, bankrupting many middle class families and putting millions of Americans out of work.

Silly me.

I guess I mixed up Democrats with Republicans...

I miss the days when being a conservative and being a Republican actually meant something. Instead, the GOP has decided to throw away their principles and engage in dirty politics, scratching and clawing their way to get back to the top.

I may not agree with everything the Democrats are doing, but at least they are doing something, which is more then what the Republicans are doing.

Here is more of Tyrrell's idiocy:
Yet she and the Tea Partiers have been segregated from normal intellectual discourse. The Liberals who claim to be interested in intellectual give-and-take have no interest in intellectual give-and-take whatsoever. Wherever they can, they stifle give-and-take. The left and the right are completely segregated in American society by the left that does not want to hear from the other side. They are the New Segregationists. On campus, in the media, throughout the Kultursmog they patrol for intellectual purity. I would like to see a little give-and-take in their purlieus of supremacy. I guess you can call me an Intellectual Integrationist.
I guess I missed the speech by Nancy Pelosi calling for the elimination of the Department of Education... oh wait... that was at a Tea Party, and so were the calls against indoctrination of school children, liberal rewriting of history in text books, and pretty much any other argument that can be made against the advancement of education. Shall I even mention science, another intellectual pursuit, or should I just assume that all science is an attack on God, and just ignore any scientific finding as just numerical coincidences and big-word con-jobs formulated by the liberal elite?

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  1. Kevin, the GOP's most common strategy, since Rove, has been to attack opponents strongest points with lies, such as swift boating a war hero while running ChickenHawks.

    If they say the Democrats, hate the middle class, that is the ultimate proof of the opposite.


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