Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist Splits From Republicans In Race For Senate

Chris Cillizza wrote the following for The Washington Post:
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced this afternoon he will run for the Senate as an independent, breaking with the Republican party and setting up a three-way battle in the fall fraught with national political implications.

"Our political system is broken," said Crist at a rally in St. Petersburg. "I believe in democracy and the right to choose."

Crist, who will remain a registered Republican, repeatedly cast his decision as in the best interests of Floridians, saying at one point that the easiest course for him would be to run for re-election as governor but that people across the state had urged him to pursue an independent Senate bid.

"I was never one who sought to hold elective office to demagogue or point fingers," said Crist. "For me, for me, public service has always been about putting the needs of our state and our people first; and every single day, as your servant, I have tried to do exactly that."
This is great news. I hope this sends a message to the rest of the party. I find it interesting that the Tea Party allegedly is separate from the GOP, claiming to supporting both parties out of Washington, but as soon as a Republican decided to run in the interests of his constituents, the Tea Party candidate and the teabag party of choice, the GOP, turn their backs in disgust.

Crist is the logical choice for the GOP, but the GOP doesn't realize that. He can get moderates and independents - something Rubio will have a hard time doing considering he has made a name for himself as the hard-right candidate. Crist also has some cred with the Democrats for supporting the stimulus and being involved in popular environmental policies, such as his support of buying out United States Sugar and his recent shift supporting a moratorium on drilling. Rubio brings with him the far right's baggage...

Come time for the election, Crist will be able to do better then Rubio. Sure, there will be those straight-ticket voters who only pick Republican, and the same goes for the Democrats, but what about those left in the middle? The Tea Party claims to be independent, but there is just no proof. They are marching lockstep with the GOP. The true moderates and independents don't seem to get any coverage these days, and they will be the ones to decide this election.


  1. nice post. I like to read your insights. You know, prior to 2008, I'd never really paid much attention to politics, but now it seems to consume me... the hate and the lying bothers me probably more than some of the issues. I tend to lean towards those of the democratic persuasion, and I certainly don't have this 'buyers remorse' that some on the right seem to thing is rampant among Obama voters (what were they expecting that is different??).I am middle class (and proud of it). This country is pretty much split 50/50. So, whatever someone think, 1 out of every 2 people they meet think something else. There is a middle ground though if we drop the politics.

  2. I have always been registered Republican, and I chose that party after researching the issues. I loved history and politics all throughout high school, and I wanted to know what party suited my beliefs.

    I voted for President Bush,and for the beginning of the first term, I was satisfied, and towards the end, I was still for the most part satisfied. It wasn't until the second term, when opposition became more vocal and I started to read a little more about the decisions made. I saw the party that I once believed represented something move farther and farther to the right.

    I was happy to see McCain win the GOP nomination, especially over Huckabee, although I might have been happy with Romney or Guiliani (who I voted for in the primary), but after McCain was picked and Palin was chosen, the GOP went into overdrive. They seem to have given up on the people and have decided to play politics 100% of the time.

    I don't agree with straight ticket voting, and I had never voted for someone just because of their party. I see many from both sides have that sort of opinion, but for me, it doesn't work, because it always upsets someone, and when the pendulum swings the other way, more people end up getting hurt...

  3. Kevin, I'm familiar enough with Crist's record that I do not want him in office. That said, he would be an improvement over Rubio, but I hope the Meek inherit the state. ;-)

  4. I am still unfamiliar with Meek, but if it takes a vote for Crist to keep Rubio out, then I gotta do what I gotta do!

  5. @TomCat

    I love the second half of your comment, and it would be great if Meek uses that in the campaign - "Meek shall inherit the state."

    Has instant recognition...


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