Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conservative Flaming At Big Government Continues

I like to catalog the flaming of visitors to Andrew Breitbart's websites to prove the culture of hate that is being bred in these message boards.  Recently, I noticed a person engaging in an argument on a Big Government post.  They had made offensive comments along side the right-wing posters at that site and so I had decided to report them all to site administrators.

So far, the "liberal troll" had their comments deleted - not those who attacked him.

Gotta love that homophobia that runs rampant over there at Big Government.  I reported Majiic12's comments again.  Let's hope the moderators decide to act on this one...

Update - Surprisingly, another comment was deleted by an administrator, but not Majiic12's.  Instead, Majiic12's comment mysteriously disappeared. This makes me question why the difference, and one possibility that I can think of is that Majiic12 is a Breitbart employee, removing their comment to avoid giving the appearance that Breitbart's hired help approve of such actions. The comment does not even appear in Majiic12's IntenseDebate log. This reminds me of when a comment I reported back in May was removed by the user, not a moderator, after I reported it to administrators, before Big Government announced their policy against content.


  1. And of course, if anyone calls Breitbart gay or something like that on Twitter, he retweets it and makes a big deal out of it.

  2. Breitbart likes to control the conservative narrative, and his websites seem to help shape the talking points for the day (I love how Media Matters points out how stories from his sites trickle down to Fox News and then later the rest of the "MSM").

    I think the best offense to his misinformation is to launch a site designed to make accusatory statements against Breitbart and his staff - essentially create some sort of anti-Glenn Beck. This would force them to address such claims, eating into their accusation time...

  3. Years ago, I used to leave respectful but accurate comments on Tom Delay's blog. One never made it past the censors.

  4. Every time I leave comments, I keep thinking of the title of Glenn Beck's book "Arguing With Idiots."

    I don't really argue, and I know I won't change anyone's mind, but sometimes the responses supply me with some inspiration, like a post I am working on regarding international law and blockades. The sheer ignorance that comes from those people is somewhat entertaining to me. They get so worked up over the littlest things.

    I love reporting all the comments that violate the terms of service. Might as well make them work a little harder...


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