Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rise Of The Religious Right And The Sick Relationship With The Tea Party

I suggest everyone read this article by Liam Fox over at News Junkie Post. It discusses The Constitution Party, the religious right, and the attack on the foundations of America by the new breed of conservatives heading the Tea Party movement like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, to name a few.
The new crop of candidates are often entertaining. Much like Sarah Palin, they garner more than their fair share of media simply because they are so ridiculous that they make for good press. However understandable this may be, and we all indulge in a good laugh at the expense of the foot-in-mouth crowd, allowing these people to influence domestic, social, economic, national and foreign policy is unconscionable.

America cannot afford any more politicians like George W. Bush. He may not even pass the current conservative litmus, or religious fidelity tests, of this New Religious Right and their current candidates. Vote. There is certainly no need for the likes of Angle, Palin, Paul or any of the other New Religious Right and the Constitutional Party as America deals with some of its most challenging issues of its short history. To invite the erosion of the constitution, while simultaneously allowing democracy to be usurped by the authoritative dictates of religion, will only compound and exacerbate the problems at hand and deny any future remedy.

Know your candidates. Know their platform. Know who butters their bread; and vote. These candidates represent a direct attack on the Constitution, the freedoms of American citizens, and the American way of life. Get informed, get involved, and vote.
Fox couldn't be any more correct and his assessment of the situation is brilliant.

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